K & K coffee July 24, 2008

Posted: July 24, 2008 in Uncategorized

Working half day, tired and still sick for the last 2 days being half alive. T and I went to K & K cafe looking for a quiet space with wifi . Being in vietnam the last 3 months, I got addicted to hang around coffee shops, even though I don't have to order coffee as a drink. Of course there are 10 zillions other kind of drinks that could be ordered. Well I ordered yogurt, alo vera and mint thinking it would be nasty huh? Nah it was actually pretty good unexpectedly

At first I thought hanging out at the coffee shop is a trend but no it's actually part of life living in Vietnam,maybe because most of the unmarried and married people lives with their family needing space to chill out. Adopting this habit is not hard for me at all Having nice, cool place to sit with wifi surfing the net, checking email, working sometimes becomes luxury? or nice hobby to have? For people having a decent job (working for government or foreign companies can totally afford this) enjoying this luxury is a must. Some even claims that it releases their stress (whatever they call it) It's a nice escape!

I had been many coffee shops here in SG. The coffee shop here is different than the one in Little Saigon like cafe Lu', Di~ Va~ng 2,3 … Not many half naked girls are walking around so don't be disappointed. If you want to see that I guess you have to go different places.

To know more about coffee shops around SG, check out http://www.thienduongcafe.com

1) Du Mien = nice place
2) Pergola = historical internal design, sit on the floor instead on chair, can even take off your shoes…
3) Da Thao = small but cozy
4) Net Viet = have separate room for you to sitting, crawling and of course laying
5) Highland = like our Starbuck's coffee
6) Nice coffee = quiet sometimes, lunchtime is so noisy
7) Coi Rieng = nice quiet little place next to work
8) Tra^`m = small, different design a lot of water, dark…. place for couple
9) High end = decorated by old stereo, audio system, old style speakers, small single sofa
10) Saigon Pho = alright place nothing special about it
…. too many to list


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