A Oi cafe for July 26, 2008

Posted: July 26, 2008 in Uncategorized

Beautiful nice Sat morning feeling the breeze comes and goes across the sleeping city. It has been raining the last 3, 4 days on the row. Saigonese seem to be used to this raining season came, and went quickly. Raincoats is one of the things must being brought with all the time. Saigon's weather changes by hours. You could find the sun shining on your face giving you a tropical tan this hour then you could be all wet with heavily raining in the next hour. After teaching our company English training session, with Danny's (my coworker) suggestion, we went to A Oi cafe for breakfast, drinks and wifi. A Oi cafe was decorating with Vietnamese minority people style who live up hight the mountain with buckets hanging high, traditional clothings on the wall, water fountain with water falling on the side smoothing sound, trees and Vietnamese country music (Vietnamese oldies which can not be liked by some of my friends) They would consider it "se^'n" aka too corny to handle Another thing A Oi coffee offers drinks at a better price comparing to other well known coffee places like Du Mien, Windows etc..One important thing to remember is they do not offer food, so please come in with your own sandwich for lunch

I realize that I love to teach and train others. Training English programs (which is provided for my company staff) was started by my dad as e-training session. The first time I came back to SG as a business trip for IT21 in August 2007 I decided to take it to another level to diversify into interactive program. Due to some staff's comments about the e-training English program was boring sometimes and it does not motivate them to learn or use it. As a people person, I love talking to another person discussing almost everything happening around. Doing this in English is not hard for me but thinking it will help others to learn English motivating me even more. Until now this interactive English training program is still on going every Sat starting from 8am. Encouraging friends and others to join this training was hard, maybe people rather take their Sat morning doing something else fun than learning to speak English lol…On the other hand I'm actually looking forward to every session and hardly missing any of them. My staff is actually very disappointed that I won't miss any Sat lesson Hopefully I can keep myself trying to give back as teaching English or doing any other volunteering works. Idea of forming a English club with students and friends meeting here and there to just talk, share ideas, discuss …in English of course would happen soon? This coming August? Back to what I can do as giving?

A by the way "Ba.c Xi?u" is new drink I ordered, we don't have this one back in the States. It's milk coffee with more milk and less coffee. Still don't want to be addicted to coffee unless I have to lol…Stocking up Vitamin C is another thing hoping it will keep me healthy to do more than what I can, and want. Being sick is not fun in Vietnam just make me missing and wanting to go home seeing my beloved family, especially those cute kids

Got some pictures taking by my IPhone, I will try to upload them later.


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