Hai Dac for Thai Hot Pot and Com Nieu SaiGon July 27, 2008

Posted: July 28, 2008 in Uncategorized

Yesterday it rained again, meeting up with couple of friends for Thai hot pot @ Hai Dac (Le Van Sy) It's located way inside the alley. I could never find this place without my friend's direction. The restaurant uses the first and second floor back and front room to set tables. On a Sunday night, Saigonese do dinning out, not staying in for a family home cooking meal which I missed here and there being away from home. Thai food of Hai Dac is not that good comparing of what I had before back in the State. The food here could be so salty. Eating a bowl of soup I have to drink 3 glasses of water to make it up, maybe the MSG was killing me too. Vegetables are total a plus when eating hot pot. Asking for more vegetables will be charged extra. It's totally worthed it. Not eating enough fresh salad here in SG, I have to substitute it with other vegetables, which sometimes we can't even get in the States. The other day Mom asked me about liking living here in SG more than the States or not? She was afraid I will not come back to US. Living and working in SG I have learned many things . I was hesitated before coming back here but I think I can total adapt living here. I just have to learn how to deal with traffic (like California), more rain, dust, being sick more often than US, missing family, and doing less outdoor activities.

The last 2 days, even with the rain I got a chance to get some exercises done on Sat after the English training session and Han Viet class, I went to sport club with friends. Starting to play ping pong again is hard. I have not played ping pong since college and it was fun to hit the little yellow ball back and forth with friends. Luckly my new friend Chau tried to practice with me. Maybe I have to find time to take ping pong lesson On Sunday morning, waking up late, T had to call me up for badminton. I have not played badminton since playing with Thao early last year at CSU Long Beach. Hitting the birdie, running around the court, soaking wet with sweat was fun. Luckily after playing 1 game, we have to give back to court for next people to play, then we get a chance to catch our breaths I was missing the fun of play badminton without even realizing it. I actually brought my tennis racket back to play but it's been hanging on the wall collecting dust, due to no partner or no court to play. I found out it's so hard to find empty court for tennis. Saigonese love to play tennis, and comparing with ping pong and badminton, it costs more to play. Now it's a raining season, playing tennis is even harder. Hopefully my friends and I can keep playing ping pong or badminton regularly at least 1 a week. Cost of playing ping pong is so cheap. Less than $2 for 1 hour, you can even borrow the rackets there. With playing 2 hours, 4 of us, borrowing 4 rackets and 1 yellow ball cost us only 40000VND (less than $3). What's a bargain huh? and guess what you don't even have to wear shoes like my friends T, Chau and KimAnh.

I forgot to mention about stopping by to eat Co*m Nie^u SG (rice in clay pot) It was so good. Crunchy rice with green onion oil on top you can eat together with bitter melon soup, fried fish, green mango salad and fish cake. That's a full meal for lunch. Co*m Nie^u SG is located on Tu Xuong. It's a well known place, with old Chinese house decoration. Restaurant staff would break the clay pot throwing the crispy rice across the ceiling, and will be caught by the other staff then serving to the customers. Little presentation like that would be considered as entertainment for their customers. Restaurant staff makes mistake sometimes, could not catch the crispy rice. They have to replace it with the new one, the cost of practicing huh?

I forgot to take picture of these 2 places, maybe next time then….


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