Hien Dat for vegetarian food and Huong Cat cafe for July 30, 2008

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Today at work, we were trying to set up and online training for one of our customer in Australia so we can release her product. Unfortunately it was such a pain. First it took her about 1 hour just to download Msn messenger, then install it. The original time set for the training was at 9:30, Hana (my coworker) had to stay back after her night shift to provide the training until noon. We were trying ShareView one of Microsoft free remote access software to do training but it was so slow and ineffective. After reading about ShareView about its function and its free license to use, now we found out it's not that great. So we switched over remote control function which was built with MSN messenger. It was a little better until the machine was took over by madness, Hana could not even have the control of her mouse on her desktop. The program seems to suck all the physical memory of the PC. My instruction for her was to close every other programs on her desktop, and restart her PC to get full memory back helping the remote connection faster for training purpose. I was feeling for both Hana and our customer. This reminds me of using pcanywhere before to log in to work from Las Vegas or home to my office to work. I used to complain how slow is the connection but it's nothing comparing to this morning's experience. Our customer on another hand was impressed by this program. She was not aware PC and internet can do this amazing thing. Fascinating with new technology, she actually did not mind about the slowness of the connect. She just had to call out to see if Hana is still there to respond to her or not At the high point of technology age, Vietnam infrastructure has not been good enough to support the high rising economy growth of this country. It rebelled and broke through bottleneck gateway, overcame firewalls but it seems like it couldn't reach 54MHZ DSL internet connection like other Asia big brothers like Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong.

Watching movies online is one of my hobbies, especially short 1,5 hrs foreigner movie. I have not been able to watch movies online due to the fact of internet here is too slow for online viewing . Emailing big file is also another problem. My co-workers mention time to time about not emailing any project files, or graphic designer's work bigger than 2MB. It would kill the email server and slow everyone's email down. Sad huh? On another hand, free WIFI everywhere, love it. Almost every corner, if there is a cafe there is a free wifi connection supporting your addicted surfing the net passion Not charging you by minute or hour like T-mobile hot spot located at Starbucks, the cafe charges your drink from $2-3 with addition free ice tea refilling all the time. I have to stop having drink with ice because it gave me sour throat. 3 or 4 days I stop drinking ice with my drink, my throat becomes normal. Otherwise cough drop can't even help. So if you happen to be back SG, watch out for the ice if you are not the local.

After work, I went to Hien Dat with a friend for some light and healthy food (vegetarian food) It's not quite expensive as it is in US. Eating like a vegetarian actually will cost you less. We ordered fried tofu, flower soup (don't remember what kind of flower, yes here we eat many kind of flowers like pumpkin…), salty mushroom, stir fried of mushroom, cauliflower, tomatoes, bell pepper and onion, and fake fried pork rib, and guess what? all of these were just for 2 of us I forgot to mention we even have passion fruit drinks. I was so stuff getting out of Hien Dat. This is the second time I went there. The first time T took me there, and I loved it. If you're in SG and into vegetarian food, got to try it okay? My mom would love this restaurant. I hope I will get a chance to take her there soon.

Scouting for a better cafe for the second meeting of the English club, KA and I went around Hien Dat. On Tran Binh Trong street, we found Huong Cat cafe. It looks quiet, has a nice lighting room with A/C. Upstairs they have more tables, sofas, softer lightings and of course free Wifi. They play soft music which we prefer so the group can talk and discuss ideas. The drinks' price were decent not that expensive. KA got natural grape juice, and I have my traditional hot salty lemon drink. I can't take anymore tea after 4pm, don't want to stay up again all night. That would not be fun at all I would try to come back to Huong Cat again even though we did not choose it as the place to meet the English Club tomorrow. I like its environment and surrounding.

My friend T is coming back from her own town tomorrow. Maybe I will kidnap her to go swimming or play ping pong before going to the other cafe place C and KA picked "Tra(ng aka Moon" for the meeting tomorrow.

I can't take picture of Huong Cat cafe. It's too dark. The picture came out so dark. Thanks to Apple IPhone with nice camera without stupid flash function, and it cost me $500

I passed by Tra(ng (Moon) cafe many times. It's on Tan Canh closed to my work but I have not been inside. Wait to read about it tomorrow??

Time for bed….zzzzzz


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