Milan Cafe and 1st English Club meeting for July 29, 2008

Posted: July 30, 2008 in Uncategorized

Last night was the first meeting for English club, and guess what? It rained. Danny and I were there early at 5 something so we escaped from the rain. Milan cafe was named after one of a few famous European soccer teams. Milan soccer team is from Italy. Soccer is popular in Vietnam, Europe and the rest of other countries just like football for us Americans. I can't stay up late watching the whole soccer match. I found it's very slow, boring and sleepy due to the fact they don't score much, the players of both teams keep losing the ball getting turn over. Football is more excited. It's a physical games, brutal and bloody sometimes. The players are well built, excellent physical strength, quick and definitely must know how to work as a team. The NFL pays ton of money for these players. The good NFL players are well know, famous, well paid, and got hunted by beautiful women. For us American, not just football, but also basketball and even baseball these players get treated like a royal everywhere they go. It took be a while to understand the football game and get hooked to it. My favorite team used to be the Dolphin when Dan Mario was still their quarter back, but my passion for football is not as crazy as other Americans. They could live or die for the victory of their team. As displaying their love of the team they won't miss any games, paint their faces with the team's color, dress as the team's mascot … Sometimes if their team win the championship their whole city will celebrate the whole day until late night. The team's coaches and organization are willing to pay money to get the players that they want to insure their team wining the championship. I have not watched a football game for a while here, don't have the passion to watch soccer here. Reading the news about Vietnamese are going crazy welcoming Brazil team's star. Getting a ticket for soccer game becomes a chaos. It's worse than seeing people waiting in line days before Apple store starting to sell IPhone. Vietnamese people would stay in line to buy tickets for these soccer games then sell them out as black market tickets to make money. It's business to them.

Milan cafe was small in a quite corner of That Son and Huong Giang. It was close to Le Thi Rieng Park. It took me a while to get there, since I don't know all the little streets around SG. It was funny when Danny tried to order Lemon Soda, the afternoon waitress told him it's so new to her and she does not know how to make it lol. Lemon, sugar and club soda is an old and well known drink for all the coffee shops.

Our English club first meeting was alright. Since it rained so hard many people couldn't come. Danny, Felice, Thuy, KimAnh, Jessie and I were there. We started out late at 7 something instead of 6:30. Michael just joined our group. He's from Philippine working in district 2 as Marketing & Sale Director. I would love to learn from him about marketing and sales. Doing sale is not easy at all. We got a chance to talk a little bit, couple people are still shy. I have to remind myself to talk slower Thanks to Felice to help with the English club and remind them to ask me to speak slower. Otherwise some of them can't hear me at all. It was so dark last night so I did not take any picture, don't remember about doing this. Maybe because the cafe was not pretty?? Got to remind myself about taking pictures to upload here. We did not like Milan so now we're in search of looking for another quiet, nice and inexpensive cafe to meet this coming Thursday…..


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