Trăng cafe for July 31, 2008

Posted: August 1, 2008 in Uncategorized

2nd English Club meeting happened at Trăng cafe. It was located on Tân Canh Street, and of course it rained. It has been rained almost every evening the last 2 weeks. Loving to ride under the shower keeps me sick and can't be fully recovered. Feeling the water dripping on your face washes away stress and any sign of tiredness. I feel refreshed. SG's raining season is not that cold comparing to California's winter It's just cool and chilly sometimes at night. Going out at night, coming late about 2-3am you can really feel the cold, maybe about 60s F degrees. Trăng cafe is small and not crowded on the weeknights. Their business card shows discount of 20% but we will ask the owner about it. They said it was only for the grand opening, and of course we don't even know when that was We also ask about the group discount, since we will be there almost every 2 nights out of the week. The lady owner seems to be not business mind, she only offers us 10% discount not 20% like we expected. We took the second floor. Standing on the balcony in the evening, you can watch the rain falling, bikes running, and people escaping the rain. That's something I have not done for a while. Relax ….breath…hear the city clicking to turn on the lights. M did not join us, he texted to inform us that he was sick. Talking about the new word reminds me about one morning radio show of Ryan Seacrest. He talked about the new word "Text" as a word. Texting was not new to Asia, Europe and Austrialia. I remembered my first trip to Au, my cousin was texting her cousin constantly. I was wondering why she does not use the phone to talk. Later on I found out, the rest of the world adapted to texting, just us (Americans) do not pick up texting fast enough. The first generation of Americans took on texting of course was teenagers. Ryan Seacrest asked on his show the question: Since texting was total a new phenomena to US, so "text" is new word, so as verb how would it be? text, text, text or text, texted, texted in dictionary? How would you say it in past tense? "He text me yesterday." or "He texted me yesterday" Interesting huh? I actually look it up today at It's "text, texted, and texted" the correct answer would be "he texted me yesterday"!

At the 2nd English club meeting, Th and I were discussing about pronunciation. She pronounced "question" wrongly, so I was trying to correct her but she indicated that she pronounced it as the way of the dictionary pronunciation key showed. So I asked her which type of dictionary? British? American? or Australian? Learning English as second language, I found that speaking English as Americans is easier for me. My suggestion for her is not forcing herself bounding to certain dictionary pronunciation key showing (not sure which one it is) but to keep talking, making English words rolling out, hearing yourself speaking you can catch your own pronunciation mistake. I think the main idea of speaking another language is practicing, not too worrying about speak the right way all the time (which is impossible for beginner, non-native speaker) Hopefully Th will consider my suggestion and it will help her speaking English non-uninterruptedly. As I notice she usually stops in the middle of the sentence (spoke about 3,4 words) to think what to say the next 4,5 words. It's hard for her as she mentioned she learned English (British) from Vietnamese teacher spoke with Vietnamese accent trying to talk like British. Now she practices with me (American accent), and works with Australian boss She mentioned about her talking to Felice, and they can understand each other (Vietlish?) I remind her the main idea of learning to speak English is to able to communicate with foreigner like me, Mike or others…., and if she speaks English and I don't understand her "Houston we have a problem!"

T did not make it back yesterday so I did not get a chance to play ping pong. Danny and L try to form a tennis club, hopeful I can join and play tennis soon. It's hard to find court here, and it rains too much. If we have paid court, it does not mean we can play either

Only Felice, KA, Jessie, Th, me and H (the new member) were there at Trăng cafe. The rest of my staff went to the wedding. Hope next meeting there will be more of us joining to talk English…..


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