Badminton for Sunday for August 03, 2008

Posted: August 3, 2008 in Uncategorized

Today is the second time I play badminton. Th could not go because she went back to her hometown to visit her mom. I thought we will see Thuy Vy there but she did not show up either, only F, T and I. KA did not show up again. We were making fun of here again about her kept breaking her promises. I played many games today because there were not many players to rotate. My shirt got wet because sweating too much. Even my hair felt like I just got out of the water. Being so tired and continuing to play made it worse. I can't even see the flying birdie. I could not play coordinatedly with the 2 men I was partnering with. I did not understand their way of playing double. We can't cover each other base. When I was in the back, the opposite opponent dropped the birdie they did not help me getting it lol, and on the other hand I can't understand my partner's movement to assist him It was physical game. I can feel the sweat kept falling each games non-stop. I love it, hopefully we can keep playing every sunday. We found out Michael twisted his ankle while playing badminton, so I told Th that she could play with Michael next time.

After badminton, we met up with KA for breakfast. After that T and I went back to T's house waiting for F and KA went to the supermarket. Miss KA promised to cook beefsteak for us. I was craving for american's beefsteak. She made us beefsteak VNese style, which was copied from French but modified to local taste. Oh well better than nothing lol I can complain. So I promised them I will cook spaghetti for them next. After eating, those three fell asleep and I'm still sitting tried to finish writing my blod. I have not wrote anything for the last 3 days. I'm afraid that if I don't wite I will forget all what I wanted to write You know old age is getting to all of us…..


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