Coi Rieng Cafe & Lotteria for August 02 2008

Posted: August 3, 2008 in Uncategorized

English class started out my Sat morning. After a huge rain, the sky seemed brighter fullfilled with refresh air. Riding to work, passing thru Bui Dinh Tuy, the flooded area last night. The water went down a little. My whole body still ached from last night carrying my heavy backpack. Many people did not show up for class, about 10 people. F came to the office but the door was close. She went home without calling, just texted to inform The reading article is about Paskitan and India's issues over Kabul's bombing. I just realized people in SG not really aware about what's happening in Middle East. The working people read newspaper just vietnamese news like inflation, gasoline price, investment ..and stock market. I got a chance to tell the class about "Peace in the Middle East" related to price of gasoline, possibilty of the WW3? lol, about the Iraq war and U.S. involvement, about U.S. 911 event… The question for the class was "what if China bombs Uncle Ho' tomb? What if Vietnam goes into war with China ? (like VNese tries to get back Truong Sa and Hoang Sa islands with Chinese) would it affect their lives?" Can you guess their question? Most of them answered "No, they don't care about it!" I was so suprised with their answers. How could they live carefree about events happening around th world directly and indirectly affecting their lives without knowing it? Irrational ignorant you assume?maybe…I went on dropping the ideas about whatever happened in Middle East affected the gasoline's prices around the world. VN government just raised the gasoline price last couple weeks from 13000VND/liter to 19000VND/liter. Its citizents were in shocked. Every national newspapers indicated the huge impact of new gasonline price hitting Vnese' daily life. Explaining to them about every time the U.S. went to war with any country/ies, we the tax payer will suffer financially for a long time lol.. Finishing the class with government funding/spending relates to its citizens retirement planning. Talking about U.S. social security funding for senoirs by the time I retire there will be none lol. The idea scared me a little bit. Working oversea like now, I'm taking the risk of not worrying so much about retirement plan for now These topiccs are too dry for the morning talks huh? …I ended the class with Noah's statement "Don't die because lack of knowledge" lol…

D, T, Noah and I went to Coi Rieng after class. I had been to Coi Rieng cafe many times, because it's so close to the office, but this time we sat upstairs. Coi Rieng has live music at night. Once time I stopped by here at night seeing people playing piano and violin. I love that astmosphere. This time we talked about anything, somehow it lead to homosexual in Vn, and homosexual as a trend in Vn. Generation 8X and 9X in SG starts to live their lives and grow this trend faster. Noah indicated it becomes more like a disease. Once time T also mentioned about being gay as a sickness. I have to stop Noah from saying that I immediately think about Louis, Ricky, Khanh and even H.. I want others to understand this third world's existence and accept them for who they are. I feel for the 5x, 6x and even 7x generation being gay already know their sexual identity but as living in vietnam they can't be themselves, can't get acceptance from the family. Recently California announced that they legalize same sex married, many people went down to San Francis City Hall and got married. I'm happy for them. The bottom line, being gay or not we're all human and we can't live without being accepted as a community, or love. We talked, talked and talked passing 1 and I forgot to study my Han Viet lol. Feeling guilty not doing any study almost stopped me going to class, but T was persistent. So we went to class.

Lotteria is an asia hamburger chain in Vn. I think it started by Korean company. Coming back to VN last august I found down many Korean living in SG. They most likely live around Tan Binh district close to the airport. First they came to do business eventually they settled down here marrying and having kids. Lotteria's hamburger has asia touch. It does not taste like American's. From the taste to the size it seemed strange to me. First time I tried it when D asked staff to buy it back to the office for me back in August. This time, K, F, J and I went there to meet Micheal for the first time to discuss about the English Club. Micheal is younger (36) than I expected, and he actually thought he's much older than us lol. He spoke English like a Phillipino reminding of USACO's staff. I have not talked to R for a while, wondering how he is doing now. He's probably doing alright, because did not get any email from him either lol.

Back to Micheal, I can't believe he has kids that young. His oldest daugter is 16 years old, and the other 2 boys 11 and 9 I think. We share the same passion. We both likes to teach and talk. K, and J were shy so they did not talk to him much. We ordered food, since Micheal already ate. J did not like the fried chicken here. She preferred KFC over Lotteria. I don't care for either place. J seemed to think fried chicken at different KFC tasts differently, and K disagreed lol. I'm not into chicken so no comment from me about which chicken tastes good lol…. After Micheal left we went around for little shopping. Ninomax and Blue Exchange stores were next to each other, but their prices are different. The way they display their products made it looked messy, unorganized, not pretty at all. They even hang on the sign on the folded clothes stacks as "Don't remove them from here, there are samples out on the floor" as they don't want the customers to mess up things already messed up …..As I remember someone told me. Ninomax and Blue Exchange's owners are a married couple, got divorced and now compete with each other regarding to the price and style. Their styles are just like the Gap, and Old Navy, JCrew, Brook brothers not as Banana Republic. Their prices are cheaper than the Gap or Old Navy but the material (mostly cotton) seems to be thinner and not durable enough to survive our washing machine….I can't do any shopping since I heard the news about Cathay Airline lowers their customers' luggage from 70lbs to 50lbs per luggage. I came here with 2 clothes full luggages now I have to think where to dump the rest of clothes before going back to the U.S…I don't like to shop here that much. Unless I can find space for it, no shopping for me…..


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