Hoi Ngo Cafe and Hy Vong Restaurant for August 1, 2008

Posted: August 3, 2008 in Uncategorized

Went to work early Friday morning, and got there before 7:30am, but guess what? we did not have the power to work. Sandy and I went to eat Hu Tieu Nam Vang (famous Campuchi rice noodle), my favorite but the restaurant did not have good Hu Tieu Nam Vang. So the next stop was Hoi Ngo cafe, which has garden, little water pond, couple animal statues like ducks and birds. They were doing re-decorated som sections of the cafe. There are separate sections for group. This cafe is known as a place for college students to hang out in the daytime. I heard there are some colleges or universities near by this cafe. It was kind of empty when we got there, maybe because it was too early in the morning for coffee? 9:00am. A little breeze here and there eased the day until we started to hear the hammer pounding in the next section killing our mood. D was asking 2 teams to work at the cafe on the laptop to finish up couple projects. Strict boss huh? nah he's very responsible manager, panic freak sometimes but that's what we like about him too lol. More of our staff start to bring their laptops to work, which is very convenient for these off power days. We can go to work at the cafe. D made joke about me "the day I go to office, the power company will turn off the power" Just one of the things D started to blam on me, so I usually said back to him something like "You will get my phonecall from the airport unexpectly telling you I'm on my way back to US" We just laughed it off. Liking Hoi Ngo, place for students, ideas popping out of my head, maybe our English club should meet here, texted F. She immediately requested me to ask for group discount, F's such a business woman huh? I wouldn't dare to ask for discount that early in the morning, the owner of the cafe may slap me in the face lol. Our IT21 group hang out there until the afternoon waiting for more people to come so we can go drinking. I promise my Qoosh team that we will go out eating and drinking when they finished the Qoosh project. Finally we are done with our parts, the other troublesome the bank should take care it lol. So we picked Korean food and Soju. Since I quit USACO missing good Korean food and Soju and the rest of USACO drinking buddies. The last time I had Korean food in vietnam and it was so lousy. My coworkers do not drink soju at all. Some of them tried before but did not like it. They love drinking beers which I don't like. Heneiken here (also been called as "ken", so if you are here asking for Heneiken, the waiters, waitress do not understand what you are talking about) seems to be water downed, and does not taste good. Tiger beers are also made by Heneiken company, but it seemed to be popular here to SG drinkers. Corona is also sold here but it's not as popular like the others two, and they are not served with lemon and salt. Corona does not taste good without the Mexican style This Califonian totally miss Mexican food and beers. Vietnamese like to drink their beers with ice. It's hard to find a place selling iced beer. I heard Coors light, and Budweiser starting to sell here in SG. I heard one story (from D I think) about one Jack Daniel whisky sale person went to his company anual party. He got royal treatment due to his sale numbers in VN hit the ceiling. Thanks to all the Vietnamese drinkers. Vietnamese love to drink. They can drink any day of the week, and any time of the day. It was so hard for me to drink at noon. Adapting to this life style (drinking in the daytime) is such a hassle. Before get to the restaurant, we were leaving Hoi Ngo, my bike acted up. I could not start it. Vincent and Dustin turned back to help me. We pushed the bike to the mechanic. It took him 5 mins to clean the sparkplug, maybe the water got in there, who knows? lol It costed me only 5000VND (less than $1, not even .50 cents), cheapppp! Lunch at Hy Vong korean restaurant was alright. We had fun, and Naalie got drunk. She never drinks when she goes out with us. I don't know why that day she drank so much. She blamed on the 3 boys who was tempting her to drink more and she wanted to make them drunk. Dustin got so red, and he dropped dead asleep by the time we got to Lan Song Xanh karaoke. I texted T coming to get me. I got so buzzed drinking at weird hour like this. So we sang. Every one of us sang many songs. Harrison and Natalie sang too (they're always shy to sing with us) We worried for Natalie being so drunk but she could hang on until the last minute. Outside it was raining so hard. D loves to sing cai luong (like old opera) My friends would hate to sing karaoke with D, because they would not be able to stand this. D got no competition when it comes to sing cai luong and this time his partner to sing cai luong was Sandy not F like the last time.

Finally the party was over. We all tried to go home. It rained less. I was worrying about the streets near my friend's house (where I'm staying right now) being flooded, and they warned about it. I thought about going to the office to spend the night, but the feeling not be able to take shower, and change clothes made me wanting to be home. So I took a deep breath, rode away. On the way going home, I was thinking "how bad would it be? yes it will be flooded, but I can still go home." Yeah right? Bui Dinh Tuy is the first street that my bike swam almost end of the street. My bike stopped, and I had to push it to high area, thinking "Oh boy, it's still a long way to push to home" Luckily I could start the engine again. I was able to ride to Xo Viet Nghe Tinh, a deeper swimming pool. "Oh Lord, water, water and just water" I couldn't believe it. I heard Ha told me many times about this but I did not expect it to be like this, all I can see were water, water and many people pushing their bikes. Finally I could get home in one piece thanking my high muffler, depenable bike.

So in this one day I had to push my bike twice. At least I did not have to push it all the way home…Hooray!!


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