Hectic Monday for August 04, 2008

Posted: August 5, 2008 in Uncategorized

It was such a busy Monday today. Having headache made things going crazy binding up with with meeting and meeting. Reading a little section about "meeting" in Tuoi Tre newspapers about people kept having "unproductive meeting", and wasting time raised question regarding our office meeting. What would others consider these neccesary meetings as "productive or not?" Do you actually stop and ask your own staff for their opinions about just anything related to your business? or decision? Being passive could be considered as the culture different? or unskilled or untrained staff? My head started to heat up…got to stop thinking! Setting out some goals for the whole team to achieve burnt some of my braincells!!! which's not much left).

T commented about me writing too much on my blog. I actually felt guilty that I did not write as often as I wanted. On Sunday it took couple hours to write blogs of 3 days. D also did mention about my blog being long once. Now getting used with riding a bike to everywhere in the city, I caught myself doing a lot of thinking while riding (which would be considered as dangerous by my friend's sisters, they complaint about me listening to music while riding is also dangerous ) I wanted to write more and more, even think about what to write while riding but when I got time to sit down starting to write, I lost those thoughts, and had to try to recall what I wanted to write, or even come with something else different)

Went home with a major headache early, because T went to English class and KA could not hang out today. For a while I had been trying to escape crowded house, suddenly I started to miss my quiet own room. "Personal space"that's what I am talking about. If I decide to live here longer, I must think about renting my own room. Taking half of Ha's room is not convenient sometimes. To think about it, my lucky self got spoiled living at Ha's place, got a place to sleep, food to eat, and bike to get around. Can't get this anywhere else, it's really hard to give this up Fortunately I have not made Ha pissed off so much to kick me out of the room lol.

Got picked up by T for dinner after her English class. Banh canh cua (big rice noodle with crab? not sure what would be the right translation for this dish, got to ask someone later) in Thanh Da is famous, but tonight it seemed tasteless. Maybe like T said, I'm getting sick again. Hmm not fun at all. Craving for sweet desert drove us to ride back and forth passing that little bridge looking for Ha?o Ha?o Tha.ch Che` (not sure if I remember the name correctly). Again even sweet deserts did not help the tastless tongue of mine. I learnt something new from T tonight. There is a medicine making out from shark's cartilage helping people having problems with their joints. I've never heard about this. T's mom took this medicine and it helps her to walk again. I wonder did my grandfather take this? and if he did would it ease his pain? Just had a dream about him yesterday, but I could not see his face, thinking of him the last couple days. Hopelessly expect to see his face again in my dream!!

Grandpa I miss you!!!


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