Trăng cafe and English club for August 05, 2008

Posted: August 6, 2008 in Uncategorized

I just realized that I do more house work here in SG comparing to living at home back in the US. Wondering why? Working 3-4 days a week gives me the other 2 days left to do house chores and a whole Sunday just for play. What a life huh?! Was stuck in the house for the whole day is not that fun. I'm feeling like living in a cage sometimes. Going and coming home depends on certain hours which I'm not used to for a long time. Idea of renting another place crossed my mind, but the uncertain plan of the duration staying here in SG stops me, just like the plan of buying a Honda Click bike. Everything is up in the air, spontaneous uh? Maybe I'm too old for that

Doing landry here is different. H's washing machine has 2 sections, one to store water to wash the clothes and the other one without water just basket to squeeze water by spinning clothes around. One you pour water and detergent in, then throw the dirty clothes in, then you can switch the button for it to spin them. When it stops, must move the washed clothes over the other section for another spining cycle to squeeze the water out of the clothes. The second round would be just water no detergent, spin at the first section then spin again at the second. You have to repeat this step couple times to get all of the detergent out of the clothes. The last cycle you can pour "Comfort" fabric softener making it smell nicer instead of the detergent smell. H does it differently, and she does not use the softener. H's very sensitive to any smell (pretty good nose) She usually let the dirty clothes sitting in with the detergent and water for a while to get all of the dirt and the smell out, soaking them with detergent. She washed her own clothes separately with her own style. Of course they don't use the dryer machine. The washed clothes got dried by either wind or sunshine. SG's weather sometimes too hot and cool within hours of the day. The washed clothes got dried by the sun smells much better. Sometimes it took couple days for all of our washed clothes to be dried due to the rain. I make it a habbit saving Tues and Thurs' morning doing things around the house like washing clothes, doing dishes or cleaning up here and there, and of course working at the same time here and there. You could say that I'm multitasker huh? lol just sometimes

Forming the English club makes me happy knowing that I could help others to improve their English, the least I can do Mike brought 2 of his friends Manh and Claire joining us. More of our members showed up today. The core ones like Th, F, KA, D & Jess (T and ThuyVy could not show up again ) including new joined like Duyen, Hoa…Trăng became so loud with music. I requested them to turn down the music like 3 times but it seemed like the cafe's staff did not want to co-operate. Now we have to find another place for meeting. Too many places were suggested for the next meeting like KT cafe, Sang Do cafe ….from F, Jess and T. I'm happy that the club started getting bigger with many members joined but it created bigger problem like getting bigger place … Have not seen Chien or Mai @ IVC coming to the E meeting, so were TVy, AT and my staff.

Got to encourage all them to come when we got a good place. Mike said next time he will invite more of his co-workers and so will Claire. Oh boy! We might have to divide into 2 groups, intermediate and beginner.

Write later …got to go to the office.


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