Coi Xua cafe and Hung Vuong Parkson Plaza for August 06, 2008

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Started to realize that writing blog takes a lot of time, especially I don't write little T and D were right. It seemed like I started out as little but now kept write longer and longer. So I can talk non-stop and write forever? haha everyone will go insane dealing with me. KA was able to go breakfast in the morning so we decided going to Coi Xua. According to KA, Coi Xua used to be Vo Thuong which is a well-known cafe, but later they changed the owner so she has not been back here. This is my first time visiting here. KA also mentioned Coi Xua is same style as Khuc Ban Chieu.

Ah I forgot to tell you guys about Khuc Ban Chieu cafe. I went there with Yen once and never had any desire to go back lol. KBC was alright as decoration, garden, old style buildings, rock, water under the man made bridge, andmusic playing at night I think the piano. We were there in the afternoon so there was no music. Their drinks were alright, and nothing was particularly great to tell about it until the evening fell. Sitting in the garden, feeling the wind, and seeing the rain coming somehow relax you a bit. They started to come out when the night appeared. At first just couple ones ran back and forth far from our table. I saw them at the corner of my eyes. It seemed like they were looking back at me, but not frighten at me. Maybe it was the other way around, because I startled, stopped the conversation, and pointed them out to Yen. She and her niece just smiled at me. We carried our conversation to the next topic, but they did not let us be. They came a little bit closer to the table, and I almost jumped. Yen said "don't worry they just got back from the market, or from work or just looked for food" Earlier Yen told me KBC has good food, after seeing them running around I have to note down that I can't order anything here to eat They were not as big as some others I saw out on the street but black and gross enough for me to care. Judging on their sizes, they could be between rats and mouse? don't know which one but they're the same family anyway. Gross! I'm not afraid of them like H's older sister H.. but they just looks disgusting. We have some of these at home but they are not this big and do not run around so close to us. At KBC they don't even care if we were sitting there. They came closer and closer and then ran across our table make me jumped up and put both of my feet higher. Oh no I don't want to touch them. The thought of them running on my feet grossed me out until now.

For sure Coi Xua has Khuc Ban Chieu's style. We ordered chicken vermicelli and iced milk coffee as our breakfast for our beautiful morning hang out. As our food came out the waiter was doing a good job serving us. Sometimes it's just hard to call for them, maybe because we were sitting upstairs the little nice and quiet area. As we were enjoying our food, one of them came out lol. I broke out laughing ahh KBC's style telling KA that. We laughed it off. It went away and let us be. At least this little one did not run over to our table. This corner was so small I don't think I can jump anywhere I might jump over the balcony and fall down to the ground haha. I was telling KA I do not mind to go back to Coi Xua again but now I have to think about that ….

Parkson shopping plazas are pretty big and well known mall in SG. I went to Parkson in Le Thanh Ton (met Trung and Tien here) and Hung Vuong (with T). The last time I was at Hung Vuong Parkson Plaze because I wanted to do some window shopping lol. I can't really shop here in SG, oh well I'm not really a shopper comparing to the rest of ppl at my house. I can't afford to shop anything unless I can bring them back to the States. Sharing half of someone else's closet does not allow me to shop This is the first time I went to the movie in SG, we want to see the Tony Leung's new movie "Red Cliff" but we got tickets for "Hancock" the new Will Smith's movie. I saw the ad and it does not look good . It was not good. I should have waited for it to come out as DVD. Charlie Theron was pretty as she always is. She's a great actress, but they wasted her talents with this movie script We sat in the middle of the theater with great seats but when the movie started, the screen bothers us (Huong, D's wife, T and I) so much. Watching an action movie almost lost my own eyes, made my head spinning, and tears falling. That's an experience worthed to be brought back to the US huh? I don't want to come back to this theater and can't recommend anyone to watch this movie, sorry Will and Theron



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