In Search for a better cafe and found Pleiku Phố for August 07, 2008

Posted: August 8, 2008 in Uncategorized

As I mentioned the last time Trăng was no good anymore so now we have to find a better place. So the task was distributed to T and me since everyone went to work. As like other Tues and Thurs, I started the day out with doing laundry with a thougt of going to the office in the afternoon picking up the "babe" (my lappie) then T and I can head out searching for any cafe. After receiving the task from F about going to check out KT on Hoa Hung or Sang Do on Bac Hai, Truong Son st somewhere. T got stuck at the hospital, and I cant get out early as I wanted. The new intern (be' T) came in the office today, so S called to come in to talk to her about the intern program. Finished washing clothes, ate lunch, and ran out of the house straight to the office. Saw be' T and her mom were sitting outside of our office waiting for me, oh boy no one told me they were waiting for me like that lol, felt bad about that. They should inform me better so I could have done differently. Be' T was so happy with our decision giving her a little allowance for doing internship at our office. I told her that she can shop with this allowance, big smile on the little girl (cute) I hope she can learn alot from the staff.

It was passed lunch time, but we could not come up with any cafe. I took D' suggestion about having the E club's meeting at the office. Don't want to inform the members too late, it's not good practice, and not considerate even the thought of not using the office for this came acrossed my mind. Settling with this "uncertain" idea made me uncomfortable, but I did not want to worry about this the last minute. We can prepare the next meeting with a better place next time. T and I went around Truong Son, Cuu Long, Huong Giang … searching for Sang Do. We circled that corner about 3,4 times, even called F asking for direction but we still could not find it lol…At the end T turned into a dead end street caught "Sang Do" sign. We found out that it was located not on Truong Son, Cuu Long or Huong Giang but another street. Unfortunately, it does not have wifi and metal chairs. So we went to T's usually hang out place "Pleiku Phố" instead. It's nicer cafe with wifi and nice love seats. "Pleiku Phố" has the same style of decoration like "À Æ¡i…" with mountain basket, minority people's clothes hang on the wall. It looks newer than "À Æ¡i.." with pricer drinks. T and I were there working until dinner time, nice and easy relaxing time….I probably come back to this place when I need a place to escape this busy city….

By the way, D mentioned that they have a good english club's meeting this night. They and Mike discussed many topics relating to what they want to talk and hear about….I'm glad!


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