Lumineux cafe for August 08, 2008

Posted: August 9, 2008 in Uncategorized

Got to the office early found out we don't have any power….Long and intensive meeting was held upstairs talking about revamping IT21…H suggested a new cafe to try out. It's located so close to the office "Lumineux" (french) inside the little street. I don't think I can find it without H's direction. It was small like they broke it out from a decent house, and started to decorate it in French's style with long cushion chairs. The interesting thing about this place is it was built with the wind flow. You can feel the breeze most of the time we were there (about 6,7 of us) You can take a nap here anytime lol. … T got her little nap as soon as she got there. D was falling asleep so he took off after we got lunch. Their lunches are not that good but their music was so good. I listen to French music, English jazz but not French jazz music. The whole day laying nicely on the comfortable sofa and listening to jazzy music is those best things you could do everyday lol…Couple things happened to my babe (laptop): first can't get online using their network, but beside their wireless we could not find another connection to get on. Everyone could get online except me H, D and even T could not fix this stupid problem of my babe. At first we thought it was the problem with vista but Thomas was using vista and he got in alright. Hmm got ticked off, my babe got discriminated Later on I found out my babe got scratched a fine thin line on top of its flashing shining stylish front….poor babe…imperfection drove me crazy for a momment, have to deal with it I guess

Love this cafe but might not be back with my laptop since I can't get online to work …later…


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