Da Thao cafe for Sat August 9, 2008

Posted: August 12, 2008 in Uncategorized

T's brother got a baby…new life just starts living…how precicous! T's busy running back and forth taking care family. Took my iron horse (bike) for a tune up. It has been giving me many problems like engine got turned off by itself while stopping at the light, making all kinds of noises, and the clutch does not seem like it works correctly. Luckily it does not cost much to fix this iron horse otherwise I would be so broke by now. At first I was not used riding it. It startles anytime I change gear. Requesting the mechanic to change the clutch makes it rode better. I got dropped off by T to Da Thao cafe located in district 10 on To Hien Thanh St. It was so close to F and KAnh's house. F and T love this tiny little cafe. It got sofa but it's so stuffy and you can't really breath with all these guys smoking inside the cafe. I hate that smell. Texting KAnh to come and hang out before going to Han Viet class. Feeling guilty again before going to this class. It seemed harder than I thought. Every character does not seem to like to anything that you could link to your memory systematically. Every character wrote differently, had their own pronunciation, and their meanings. Just the basic form it got 214 for you to remember…oh boy I realize that age got to me, and my memory is betraying me….Feeling like a little kid starts to learn how to write. My hand writing does not help the situation at all. Holding the pencil and trying to write each stoke correctly and perfectly is a pain. I decided not going to class, and T laughed at me for being lazy. I love to learn this language but I did not realize that it required alot of time, and I did not invest much time into it …time, time, and time which I don't have too little or too much and the question would be how ..and when huh? KA came out, sat with me a while and ate egg rolls then went home to talk to her bf. Talking about love huh? Best wishes to this loving couple

T came back and we went to pick up my iron horse. Started rode away suddenly remembering I did not ask the mechanic to fix the back light.. and he did not fix the speedometer , hmm need to take it back here again. Not wanting to go home so T and I went scouting Club 30/4 cafe out for this Tues English Club meeting. This cafe is much bigger than Da Thao, located inside big park behind the past President Building (like our Whitehouse) in the center of district 1 closed to Lao Dong (Labor club). It's so quiet and peaceful even the street is noiseless, perfect place for the club. They even post the big menu in the front showing very decent prices of their drinks….Hope the whole club would like this cafe.

We continue cruising around district 1, popular streets like Le Loi, Nguyen Hue, Dong Khoi …passing by Ben Thanh market going around to Nguyen Trai, heading to Cach Mang Thang Tam busy corner. Saigon at night with bright light, people rode back and forth, became alive like always…This is where we said our goodnite to head home. Wanting to sleep early for an out of the city trip on Sunday. I'm looking forward to it….we're going to the mountain seek for peacefullness! Get the sane back to these insance ppl


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