Thanh Luong Temple, mountain trip for August 10, 2008

Posted: August 12, 2008 in Uncategorized

Hearing the old favorite songs playing on my ipod makes the drive from HoChiMinh city to Ba Ria smoother. T did not trust my riding skills to let me rode her once What's a friend huh? T

I found out it's so hard to write everday eventhough I want to keep track and write everything that happening around me. I'm behind 4 days not writing Playing catching up in writing is not fun. Can't continue writing now. Tomorrow I promise I will finish this one and others too

Thanh Luong temple is located about 80 km outside of SG. We thought about renting a car driving there but unfortunately I did not get do the paperwork to transfer my CA driver license getting permission to drive here. The only one can drive that would be F but she can't drive that far needing a backup driver, promising myself to get that thing do just in case. T rode the whole way there and back. There were Danah, KAnh, F, Y, Hoa,Tam, Thy, T and me. Thanks to KA the whole group was waiting for her at least 45mins, late 1 hr to start out the day. Our Ms. KA overslept again (like always huh? her favoriate line would be "I'll be there 10 mins" even she knows it will take her longer than that ) Got 3 persons in the group as vegetarians for 1 months did not give us any problem, thanks to Y brought some undone sticky rice to share with the other two ) This July lunar calendar, most of the buddhist will eat no meat, fish only vegetables. Some only practices this on 1st and 15th of the month, but some does the whole month. Since we already planned to go Thanh Long temple this day, T and KAnh brought some vegetarians food for us and Tha^`y Thich Thien Sang (Thanh Long temple's monk, F's teacher).

We have such a great time. Laughter and voices fill the regular quiet atmosphere. Thay TTS speaks English. After introducting ourselves to him, he started asking us about where we're from, and what we do…We talked about everything. We cooked, ate and drank (juice of course) together. Hoa brought a wooden guitar, and we sang together. Each of us was provided with a hammock hang outside upstairs of one of the bungalows which were built by Thay TTS and his students. Falling asleep on the hammock, it started to rain, perfect time for napping

Rocks, trees, hills, creeks, dirt and rain…wilderness eases the day! Asking myself "Can I live here?" hmm maybe I should try to stay here 1 month before deciding live here…one option ..internet please!! wifi would be better


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