Bloody Tues for August 12, 2008

Posted: August 14, 2008 in Uncategorized

Went to bed with a headache and woke up with it still. Doing some physical house chores sweats the whole shirt. This is the only regular workout routine Forgot about the headache for a moment. Big loads of clothes finally got finished. Got out of the house because meeting T at K&K, did not know when I got there T has to go K&K's big with comfort chairs, looking out the windows you can see the whole big construction which was there for a while. If I'm K&K owner I would hate these ppl drove my customers away. Despite the construction, K&K remains crowded. I don't know how long it has been in the business maybe they already have certain number of regular customers. It's just hard to find the way out or in to this cafe unless you have been there before….Lazy writing my blog for a while can't catch up with it now, still having a migraine. I stopped taking Tylenol knowing yesterday those 3,4 pills did not help at all (ticked me off) Don't want to be on drugs (overdose with pain reliever does not sound good) ….still lazy to write ..can't think much with this spinning head…

Started reading some books given to me by Thay Thich Thien Sang (the mountain monk) basic knowledge of Buddhism. What are the Three Gems? What are the five precepts? The interesting thing about this book is the bi-languages which I prefer (English and Vietnamese) The question and answer structure makes it easy to skim though the rest of the book quickly. I have read couple Buddhist books but have not read any in English. Got to learn some new vocabularies about Buddhism, cool huh?

My finger got cut. I was trying to get the pant out of the hanger, jerking my hand back hit the metal edge of the metal closet. Blood, blood and blood.. could not stop it for a while.. used almost half of the tissue rolls…such a deep cut! oa oa i want my mommy!

write more later….busy running around town…


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