Blue Monday for August 11, 2008

Posted: August 14, 2008 in Uncategorized

Went to work early on Monday. Starting out the week with blue Monday did not motivate anyone to go to work. Came to work with a headache, and left work late with a headache. Went on routinely many meetings through out the whole company, read and replied a bunch of emails, took 3 4 Tylenol. That does not help at all. It's a while I got this kind of migraine, since I stopped working with Usaco. Lack of sleep? not really, tired from the mountain trip? maybe, soaking in the rain, getting a cold? not sure…who care? can't think too much of what and how it happened just knowing it's still spinning….Oh I hate blue Monday like always….Slowly the day passed through the city as time's passing you…Telling myself just another Monday went with that!

It still spins..I'm spinning…Time went by…wishing I'm back there on the mountain staying at the cottage listening to the rain falling…spinning …spinning…Blue Monday spins my world…


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