Vien Giac Temple for August 13, 2008

Posted: August 16, 2008 in Uncategorized

Vien Giac temple is located right next to IT21 about 5 mins ride. You can even walk there. It's a huge, and beautiful temple. For me it was the first time I come here, but for T and F this is their temple. I felt lost in this big and nice place. It's not even the 15th , but there are many people visiting the temple maybe because it's the seventh month in lunar calendar? Many statues to see, nice big area underneath of the main area for Buddhist worshiping our Buddha is holding the ceremony tonight. The main area is being remodeling due to the temple just have old Buddha statues brought back from China. Vien Giac's monks walked in to start the evening ritual for all the Buddhists. It's almost "Vu Lan" (Parents' day for Buddhist), so we were reading Vu Lan's prayer book (not sure we call it as bible or not).

After reading couple Buddhist books in english, I found the correct word for Buddhist prayer books. It's called "sutra" not bible like Christians. It originally came from Hinduism. It surprised me when Vien Giac's monks started singing couple verses or songs. It's normal to hear singing at churches but not temple. I went to Long Phuoc temple many times, joined them reading the sutra but this is the first time for me hearing monks singing. Strange! They also played 3,4 musical percussion instruments like drum, bells, brass…the whole temple was shaken and filled with singing voices concealing everything…the statues, the incense, the bell, flowers and even us. Inclined to silence, empty may it seems. Hollow my soul!!!


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