Refuge to the Three Gems Fri August 15, 2008

Posted: August 18, 2008 in Uncategorized

Another day with no power. Friday seems to be the day they will cut off the power at our company….spent the morning at Net Viet cafe with the staff…

Long Phuoc Temple is the place where I took my refuge with Three Gems which's also called Triple Jewel (ceremony to become a Buddhist, also called as "quy y" in Vietnamese). Quy y meant come back and lean on Buddha, his teaching and his students (Buddhist monks) to adjust and live mindfully. This ceremony's just like baptism in Christianity or Catholic.

What are the Three Gems? They are the Buddha (the guide), the Dharma (the path) and the Sangha (the teachers, companions along the way studying Buddhism). My teacher is a woman, and her name is Thich Nu Hue Dang. H's family has been going to this temple and known her for a while. I like the atmosphere of this spirit house. It's small comparing to Vien Giac temple. The Buddhist monks here are women, and girls. When you go there, you can talk to anyone, and they actually know you.Just like in "Cheers" go where people know your name. Warmth of this house shelters you, your mind, and soul.

Two hours slowly passed, and guess what? I forgot to mention, we did not have the power at the temple too. Both of my knees were hurting due to kneeling, and kowtowing. Per teacher, at this modern time we bypassed many rules of this ceremony. When she took hers, she had to follow strictly all the rules becoming a nun. Sounds like parents' word huh? Something like "you guys have it better, the old day we had it harder" I begin saying that too younger people too. That statement is so true. I do believe that, and they do have it better!!

Close to the end of the ceremony, the power is on lol… Actually feel better, need to come back in the evening for Vu Lan's ceremony. Teacher wants to hold a little discussion talking about your feeling, thoughts about parents (Vu Lan's topic). Missing mom! It rains again.

Bruised knees.


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