Unproductive Wed & Faded Thurs I-Box Cafe (13, 14 of August)

Posted: August 18, 2008 in Uncategorized

Start loosing my memory about what did I do last week or asking myself what's happened 3 days ago. That's another sign of aging. Thought about mom more more these days, I have not called and talked to her for a while. Vu Lan just made me missed home more. When was the last time seeing mom? Dissatisfied with self saddened the rest of the day.

Mindfulness, which I'm not right now. Insane in the membrane? Spin, and spin it. Hope to spin the headaches away. Unsuccessful! Defeated, disappointed and frustrated. Think! Think! Plan! Plan!!! Struggle to survive? Or just simply struggle for your existence?…Unproductive day…time pointlessly passed by. Just another day!

Thurs came and faded instantly. E Club met with less than 10 members, same place with bunch of mosquitoes, tasteless drinks and rainy evening. Th, D, M …did not make it, not much conversation went around, just me asking everyone questions. "Shopping and addiction" is the topic. As mentioned before, I do less and less shopping now, which is pretty great huh? Saving money to do other meaning stuff like charities donations….Mai spoke about IVC (International Volunteering Club) program and IVCers. We will take care of getting the rest of school books needed for their Nha Trang trip giving away to poor students far away. I'm so glad F told Mai we will. Hmm need to make more money then…

Discovering I-Box cafe which is located 135 Hai Ba Trung St, Dist 1. It's between central Saigon and Tan Dinh market. It's I-Box cafe & bar to be exact. Going through the door you will see the whole section with wine bottles (red and white), and next is the cashier booth. On the right hand you will see about 3,4 tables setting so close together with decorated flower bouquets, different shapes of lightings, mirrors, comfortable chairs and sofa, colorful rugs, distinguished paintings like European style….since the glass windows were covered with red curtains, the whole place seems dark and secretive. It's like the lovers' secret hideout with WIFI, where your wife or husband could not find you You're paying this deluxe with the drinks price. Ice milk coffee was 42000VND comparing to the one I ordered at the office 6000VND. This is the most expensive coffee I have paid in VN so far. The food is the same price of the drinks. They also offer Mexican food, not sure if it's good probably not but at least they have it Per my coworkers that's normal price for these type of cafe . Still FOB huh? T came joining me to drink expensive coffee too Upstairs is brighter with more sky lights and roomier. I-Box cafe surprised me with a tiny little restroom. It only fits 1 person including the toilet, can't even move around or turn around (excluding the sink outside already). It's tiny with a low ceiling. I had to get out of there as fast as I can. Claustrophobic that's what it called….Nice decorated place but …..Go there if you can.

Got picture..upload it later.


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