Vu Lan and Vien Giac's laity for Sat August 16, 2008

Posted: August 18, 2008 in Uncategorized

Today at the temple they will stop reading Vu Lan's sutra and start reading different one. This weekend every temple in or out the city will be crowded by Buddhist. Vien Giac is not an exception. After finishing the English class early, not many members showing up today, I head straight there with S and Anna meeting T and F. It's packed with people. Smoke covers this whole corner. Gasping for more air! Hundreds of people were lined up including our T. Totally forgot today at Vien Giac, "The Offering" ceremony happens, so I was not prepared for it. T did but she did not expect there more than 10 Buddhist monks so she had running around to get more preparation done before doing the line up.

Don't understand why we all have to light too many incense when worshiping Buddha? Is it a must? Wanted to go upstairs the main altar to see the new statues which were carrying back from China. T said they are beautiful. Last time I could not visit that section due to their remodeling process placing all the Buddha statues. We have to wait for the Offering ceremony to be finished first. Temple provides lunch today for all the Buddhist. The area below the main altar was also filled with people eating vegetarian noodle. Line up! F, T, S, Anna and I were just like other people taking the warm noodle bowls from them, finding some seats, getting chopsticks, and fresh chopped vegetables. Munching time! Yummy…Beside filling up our tummies, we also got picture book from Vien Giac about 18 floors of hell. LAITY (Buddhist supporting members) who enables the Sangha carrying on the Buddha's work. They are important community and help supporting the poor and needy. Meritorious deeds have been done by them. Power of the people! That's what I'm talking about..

too hungry got to eat something before writing more


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