Rainy Sunday 08/17/8

Posted: August 20, 2008 in Uncategorized

After reading my blogs, don’t know when it became my diary. Can’t remember everything happened and not writing them down regularly make me kept doing caught up tasks. I told F, T and D that I did not finish writing the blog entry, so I changed its status to private not public anymore. D just laughed at me saying that “Why needs to do that? Just continue writing them on words and post it over later?” Ah did thought of that, just if writing it on words and not finishing it, there will be a chance I toss it away and not come back to finish, or post it.

I don’t remember the thought of writing diary came across my mind not in even in my childhood. I always consider myself a talker more than a writer. Words hmm got a bunch of them in my tummy (like Vietnamese saying “chữ đầy một bụng”) but good words, well structured sentences, poetic paragraph and what’s they called “literature” hmm not at al. Writers, poets, instructors, and journalists got my respect for sure. They could spend hours and hours to write. Ideas, words, effort and time are being combined to produce their “masterpiece”. Patience must be also the key huh? Not hot temple like I used to be but patience to write that long I don’t have. Catching up on writing makes me lazy and de-motivated.

Not expecting Saigon became rainy city like Seattle, it’s raining almost every evening, and specially rains hard today. My plastic raincoat was tore here and there. It does not cover both of us, T and I. This kind of weather people just want to stay home vegging out. Despite the rainy factor, we went around the city shopping. T wanted to go home, and I was just unreasonably obstinate. The result of not yielding to the uncooperative weather was being soaking wet, cold and hungry. We stopped by Din Ky restaurant on Nguyen Trai for couple bowls of porridge. Yummy best choice for this kind of weather: any kind of porridge would do the treat as long as it’s hot and spicy enough to spread the warmness throughout your body. …rain, rainy day, wet, tore raincoat and my wearied trip shopping for a windbreaker!


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