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If I talk about fashion, we definitely think about our own styles right? Like classy, sassy, conservative, casual office, hip, sporty or sexy?

Sorry my friends I’m talking about something else not fashion at all.

Driving around Saigon streets you can hear all kinds of noises like: kids yelling, engine, market announcers, and people talking. I have bad hearing before I came to Vietnam. Living here for a while I became deaf. Getting attention on the streets is impossible, and can you guess what Vietnamese riders in Saigon does it? HONK! not just car, motorbike, e-bike, bicycle but also people!!!

They don’t just honk regularly. That would be TOO NORMAL, too boring and too sane. In Vietnam you have to honk in STYLE.

Here are couple STYLES, if you pay attention, you will know what I’m talking about.

1) Faker: Riding along the not busy street, you suddenly hear loud honking sound like a big huge truck, or bus coming right at you. Get out of the street now pops right up in your mind. Act quickly you stir your bike on the side of the road. Here’s come the big guy right? Not it turns out that it’s small motorbike just like yours, not car, not truck and definitely not the big guy: the container truck! It’s actually the most effective style, because no one wants to be run over by those big guys at all.

2) Long and continuous holder: Easy ride on a beautiful day, you were taking your sweet little time cruising along one of your favorite streets like Le Loi, Dong Khoi or Nguyen Hue, suddenly interrupting your mood by a loud long honking sound: BEEEEEEEPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!. Here’s pressing the honk and holding on to it traveling for one block to the other without thinking of releasing his finger off the honking button. This style got abused by our male riders. Not sure if it has something to do with our sexist?

3) Quick Repeated Presser: This style requires you to have strong finger’s bone structure , quick reflex. Younger male loves this one which provides them daily finger’s exercise, building up their muscle you know. With all of that unused energy got focused only at the tip of his thumb, he uses it to repeatedly and quickly pressing the honk, and this is what you will hear this : BEEP, BEEP, BEEP, BEEP, BEEP, BEEP, BEEP, BEEP, BEEP, BEEP, BEEP! all the way from that corner of the town to this corner, and continually moving on toward the end of that street over there. Very annoying huh? You may say so. All of that young and energetic hormone got wasted huh?

4) Ego Pusher: It’s easy for you to find this style on a very busy street. In hot and humid weather, it could be in the middle of the day. You were minding your own business, on your way to work or just going somewhere. No one can go fast, and you wish you’re not there to deal with this hectic. Again storming with loud honking noise, the Ego Pusher come around your corner. He can either use a combination of Quick and Repeated Presser and Long and Continuous Holder style to terrorize you and your mind with just one purpose. He wants to push everyone who was stuck in traffic suddenly disappeared! Out of his way instantly!!!? So he can get where he want to go fast. Somehow he thinks that would be POSSIBLE! What can I say huh? Out of sight, out of mind? Or out of his sight, or he’s out of his mind? 😉 Does it have something to do with the male’s ego?

5) Wower: this style is favored by more women than men. Instead of using their honk, they will use their mouth making sound like WooOOOoooWwwwWwwwwWwwww, other people will turn their wheels outside, giving them the way. Effective huh? What do you think? On the other hand they will save their honk for long time use.

6) Many more, but I will stop right here.

PS: New Yorkers are signing a petition to help reduce the noise honking in their city. People is suggesting that we should pass out a sticker “I am a noise polluter to anyone, who is abusing their honks. Above picture is shown a sign for New York driver at certain place if you honk, you will pay $350 penalty. What do you think about that? Do you want to pay that?

Stylist or noise polluter your choice!

In conclusion, I just have couple questions for you:

a) What is your style?

b) Do you have your own style which I did not mention above? If yes, email me about it.

c) If no, have you thought about coming up with your own honking style?

Don’t be SANE.


Being NORMAL is a yesterday thing!

Are we too old for this?


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