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Th, a friend in our EClub group, mentioned once to me about English word having more than 1 meaning, and it’s confused regarding how and when to use certain English word. So here it is I decide to write about just 1 English word and its meanings.

What is your definition of tag? Identifier? Name of sport game? Name of famous watch? License plate?

1 Tag as identifier

a. Dog tag = a small, flat, metal identification label attached to a dog collar

b. Human’s tag = a small, flat metal identification worn around the neck of military personnel.

c. Price tag = small paper showing the price of certain merchandise, product.

d. Personalized tag = A form of signature used by graffiti artists like tattoo

e. Tag = also another for license plate as car tag.

His life and tags

Ted was serving in the military in his younger days. As a soldier, he must wear his tag every day, and he is not allowed to take it off. His tag will show his name, age, his blood type and maybe his ID number. During war, the military with the help of this kind of tag locate their missing soldier on the battlefield until nowadays. Ted’s dog also has a tag on his collar. It also shows his name, whose is the owner and what is the owner’s telephone number in case the dog got lost. The car he drives also has a tag which is its license plate showing where the car is registered, and what is its ID number. The shirt Ted wears also has a tag, which is called price tag showing the price of the shirt, what size, which company produced it, and even its ID number. Ted also has another kind of tag which is more personalized and called the tattoo. It could be artistic, your favorite animal or your beloved’s name…

Our lives and tags

As we do not notice, certain things just happen and pass through us like being part of natural things. We got no saying to object or no choice to appeal. We got tagged with our names at the day we were born right , and if you live in US you also got tagged with SSN (social security number) which will live with you in pair until the day you die As older we got tagged with our school ID card, then ID card or driver license right? Then employee’s number etc etc… now recently we got tagged with nickname J or nicknames on YIM and AOL? Our cars got tagged. Our luggage got tagged. Our house got tagged not just address plate (another form of tag) along with a bunch of signed paper tagged to you with a huge loan lol. I remembered that when I was going to school, the pens and pencils I used also got tagged with my name on it so no one could claim mistakenly taken them lol. Our pets got tagged and even our significant one got tagged when marrying us sticking on a label stating: “He/she is belonged to me or this day he/she becomes my own property huh?

One day we die, do we got tagged again? Which form would that be? Our headstone? Along with our death certificate?

As its nature way, Tag smoothly got us all the way!!!

Can we be untagged? Would that be a sin, or just unorganized or doing that we will disrupt this “perfect” and “systematic” world??

I bumped in the word “tagged” online, and found out its website is like facebook or myspace community where people can keep in touch or “tag” a friend (get to know more friends). Have you heard about that? Check it out if you want more spam email in your inbox.

Did I TAG you here? Chaos huh?

To know more information about TAG and its use, you can visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tags


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