Posted: October 31, 2008 in Uncategorized

Without noticing, I'm stationing here passing 1/2 year. Without knowing, I actually did counting the days passed. Getting lazier at writing blog got blamed due to bad weather Either that or I just can't deal with the idea of writing unorganized thoughts, unstructured format, babbling sentences or just bunches of words? What's the whole damn point about blogging anyway?

Realizing that everyday we do many things half done. For example, I have more than 2,3 emails in the middle of writing got interrupted, now they are saved as drafts 1/2 done. Updating resume took me more than months getting it done (dislike doing that for real ) I'm not not even talking about trying to start writing bios. Thought I get passed stage when I started writing blog (You know the hate writing stage lol)

With noticing and knowing, I live passed 1/2 life already. You guess it? Yeah I'm talking about mid life crisis? Not sure I'm hitting that yet. To some others maybe it hits them at later years. With my life scale, mine should be around the corner. It's time for me to look back and starts counting how many things left half done, and ask myself that serious question: "Do I want to continue or finish it? Or I should just let it be?"

What about you? Starting to count your half done things now? or later? or earlier?

My list of 1/2

1) 1/2 year in Vietnam: things got accomplished, things did not….
2) 1/2 life: things got accomplished, things did not….
3) 1/2 way dealing or not with mid life crisis? or who cares
4) maybe just 1/2 worry about life, and 1/2 don't worry just live your life the way like you want!!!

Waken unconsciously realization:

– Another raining Friday
– Gloomy Halloween
– Uncountable half done things in life
– Tired body and lifeless soul


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