Posted: July 30, 2009 in Uncategorized

What life is all about? Hopefully more than what we have now. Am I expecting too much?

Thereare time I was craving and enjoying SOLITUDE stage. In the back of mymind, that's just so abnormal…maybe need to back with realities andsettle down with normal life.

Countless "First" of life love and hate:

– 1st day of school = loved it
– 1st meeting with anything (interview) = be scare but not hate it
– 1st date = could be either way
– 1st boyfriend = loving it at first then end up hating it?
– 1st laptop = like 1st boyfriend
– 1st home = love it for a while then feel burden with payments (hate it)
– 1st time singing in public = hate it
– 1st disappointment = always hate it

How come we can't remember the good 1st more than the bad 1st?
Can I just love and treasure the good 1st  and forget the bad 1st?

Free my mind, free my soul? Life goes on, people moves on…


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