just 20 mins a day

Posted: August 12, 2009 in Uncategorized

Why am i slacking off not writing blog regularly?

Took a friend's advice just 20 mins/day to write a short blog or tweetmore. Yes I'm trying to use twitter often but maybe my everyday life isnot interesting enough to have 18 tweets a night lol.

I don't want to promise something i might not be able to do lol. Let's just leave it at "I'll try doing it 20mins/day".

2 death case of swine flu in Vietnam now. D laughed at me when itweeted saying that i need to pump up my Vitamin C level so i won'tcatch a flu period not bird or swine ones 😉 Tamiflu is what we need toimport here so we can be rich.

I'm working at one of the cafe close to work. The building next door isdoing some construction work, making all kind of noises. No one canwork with that noises, not me. I can't focus or even think.

Got sometime to catch up with some friends back home today. CV is doinggood just work way too much and got no life. Thao bought a new houseand already got stress about money and furniture. LA already gotherself in a serious relationship and will get married soon. CVcomplaint about me and LA abandoning her, now she got to find someoneto date. Thought I did told her to do that about 2 years ago after herfinal official and unofficial breaking up lol. P is happy with anon-Vietnamese guy, and will get married next year.

Reading one piece of marketing article "California pays to train yourstaff" Thought there would be a great opportunities for Californians toget back on their feet, and start making money to pay those high CAtaxes.

360plus can't stop spam? Can't believe I actually get spam here…..


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