Life stood still

Posted: August 22, 2009 in Uncategorized

Easy Sat at cafe Mot Thuo surfing the net, catching up with the daily news, having great conversation with Mr. Khoa, Tuan Ngoc is singing in the background. After lunch hours, we have the whole place to ourselves to catch up our own works/tasks. Great choice picking this place for today.

Easy enough for me to remember someone's request wanting life stood still when we're having it good.

Reading more about freelance work, yes I'm actually working on Sat morning in Vietnam. You might find it unacceptable right? Oh well got to work sometimes right? can't just play hard and not work hard? lol

Still spending time researching for great articles/news about Technology specially IT field. CNN, msnbc, usatoday are not good enough sources. Point it out to me if you know any good sites providing great IT information okay?

Finally found, reading some great articles. This site will keep me busy for a while practicing tweeting. Thanks to D about using twitter, and of course the whole idea of "social media" came to mind.

Website evalution process is starting now. Not enough time in the day to read and learn all about these geeky stuff. Oh well someone got to do it right?

The things we have to do building our empire, questioning myself: Do I want to build my empire here? right now it seemed to be the "happy planet" where ppl want to be.

Seemed like life does stop sometimes for a moment but spins again faster? Or because I don't really want it to stand still, otherwise it's just way too boring lol

I'll let you know later on is this a right choice lol. Have an easy Sat everyone.


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