Shape up!

Posted: August 24, 2009 in Uncategorized

One of those Mondays, slowly getting out of bed, jump online attending a conference call, catching up with the latest information on this project. Thinking what’s ahead this week.

Read couple good articles, tweeting more nowadays. doing less facebook. Is it me or facebook is getting boring now?

One article talked about young Vietnamese lack survival skills and how they don’t get enough trained preparing for life ahead after college, or how much their parents sheltered them living in thick egg shell one day going outside the shell got busted, and that’s when things break loose. The questions would be we might ask
1) Is it the parents’ fault? or the kids?
2) Is it the society’s fault or government job?
3) And now it’s social responsibilities to take care of this?

After living and working here more than 1 year, taking a look at the men and young men around me living and working in this city. Some how somewhat it’s so true. Disappointed with the future Vietnamese men. I wish they can be a better man for this society, be able to take care of himself and his family, be tougher when things get tough, be daring, do the impossible things, think big, don’t just be the talker but also the doer, and lastly
take responsibilities like a man don’t blame it on anything: To all the future Vietnamese men! To my brothers: “Shape up!”

Life is all about the possibilities not all about impossibilities!


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