another raining day

Posted: August 26, 2009 in Uncategorized

Working on new proposal for new projects. Hopefully we will sign them all lol. Already set up appt to meet up with more coders hopefully we will be able use their talents. It's always great to meet new people.

Our regular coffee where we (our Eclub) meet every Tuesday and Thursday is closed for remodeling or transferring owner. So last night we were at the cafe Goi Nho next to the regular place. We might have it back for tomorrow meeting. I do hope the new owner will fix restroom, and other little things lol.

It was a nice day out there earlier. I had the whole big Garfield burger at Black Cat, and got stuck in food coma since 12:30pm. Sitting at a nice cafe with great music in the background, and catching up on my blogging. It's pretty gloomy outside. Rain is coming soon, maybe I won't have tennis lesson tonight. It's great to be able to learn to play tennis here. That's what I like about Vietnam. Here I actually have a life beside working, living and surviving, there is room for enjoying life.

BB has problem with computer again. Got some free poker money from an old friend (college period). Should I label him as college friend even we didn't go to college together? I know him during my first and second college years, and lost contact for many years after broke up with the first bf. He found me again on facebook, and thanks to internet for making the world smaller right?

Actually try to find the way to enjoy the rainy day. Dealing with that missing home feeling over again when it rains.


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