Little bro's birthday

Posted: August 27, 2009 in Uncategorized

Thinh turned 26 yesterday, had a nice dinner at our niece's restaurant. It's about less than 20 people, but it was cozy and felt like family. Met couple of his friends and they seemed nice. We ended up drinking 2 bottles one was Hennesy brought by David and O.X. from Dylan. I haven't been drinking that much since i came here. This is one of the occasion I drink. Mixing both of those hard liquors killed me. Just last through dinner, couldn't go to the club afterward as planned. Went straight home and head to bed. Kelly slept like a baby on the other mattress. Woke couple many times in the night finding water to keep myself from dehydrated.

Mom called when we were at dinner just to wish Thinh's a happy birthday. She was thinking of him. That's the greatest love.

Wishing you a great happy life, and success at everything you do my little bro. Love always from your sister.

Until next time…………..


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