Sleepless night

Posted: September 1, 2009 in Uncategorized

Another sleepless night does not help me being healthy and alerted in the morning. I think Danny gets sick hearing me saying that "My head hurts or i'm having a headache" David might be right by saying that i'm having a recurring migraine, maybe it's a tumor? (per David it's a line from some movie which i don't know or can't remember)  or maybe it's just another hang out lol. Nah I'm not a drinker and everyone knows it.
Got great news about work, our US Sales team signed a new contract. We can't wait for the new project to start soon. Reaching out to more clients, will send more proposals out with hope that we will sign some more contracts to survive this downturn. Yeah conference meeting at 9am on VN holidays to talk more about new project.

Wanted to skip lunch so i can get some sleep, got little nap, then laying there thinking about all sources of things. Resources, freelancer, contract, invoices, outsources etc etc ..woke up still restless but accepting more great news Easing my day with more great news please.

Started playing Mafia Wars for the first time today since I saw BB playing it. It's a very popular game on Facebook. Yes there are 10 thousands games facebook and i'm always behind with online entertainment. Don't ask me how the game is I can be bad ass gangster in this game lol

Heard more news about Vietnam visa, somehow Vn government decides to stop giving out 6 months visa which is what i'm using right now. This doesn't seem to go with the friendliness of the Vietnamese. What's happened to the encouragement for foreigner investors or tourists? This regulation doesn't help at all. I'm very annoyed by this. So disturbing!

It was raining again, when I tried to post this blog, was hoping it will stop and guess what despise my friends from facebook wanting it to keep raining. It actually stopped. Now heading out for some hot rice soup warming my little heart up. Have a great one everyone!

Omg did I tell you how much I dislike this 360plus blog? It goes south since it got converted over this new system from 360 blog? I just finished writing my blog, then can't post now it got erased? This is absurd!!


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