for Sept 3rd, the day after and Love for Mom

Posted: September 4, 2009 in Uncategorized

I meant to write this blog right away, and i did but this stupid 360plus is not working right. It suddenly shuts down, erases what I wrote, didn't save it, showing error message and loose my blog.

It's just like the day after holiday in US. No one wants to go to work, but still have to drag their feet coming in. I didn't want to get out of bed, but still had to do it.

Went to the temple on Vietnamese Independent day. I'm not sure because it's a holiday so the temple picked this date to have many important events/ceremony? It was crazy. I think people are abusing the incense there. Every corner of the temple u can see smoke. I'm totally against this bad habit of the Buddhist people going to the temple all the time. Eating veggie dishes at the temple is the best especially it was cooked by the monk himself. The monk can cook good bun rieu dish, definitely got my respect there. Back home my mom often goes to the temple these events to cook for the monks and all the Buddhist people.

Mom always talks about how good her veggie dishes are but unfortunately i haven't got a chance to try any of them. Maybe this time coming home, i'll ask mom to cook veggie dinner. Every time we see, and spend quality time with each other, I feel like we were racing with the time machine. She got out of work late, tired. I sat in the car for a long drive coming to see her, and so hungry didn't want to bother her cooking. Once time she even mentioned about us playing tennis together. I thought she was kidding but she was deathly serious about it. She even said that she was good at playing tennis when she was young, hmm how long was that? maybe 40+ years? Wanted to say "Mom do u even remember how to play tennis?" didn't want to disappointed her at all. How about eating some fish dishes cook in 9 ways? and doing some shopping? I LOVE YOU MOM!

I didn't tell you that I convert myself to Buddhist partly because of my mom right? Love it when she calls back to VN just to talk, because she needs to talk to someone and no one else will listen to her as I will do.


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