Get what you want in life

Posted: September 8, 2009 in Uncategorized

It has been raining way too many days. Last night i dreamed about beinglate to the airport going back to US. I didn't pack, and i wassomewhere not even at the company or in HCMC. Someone was rushing me togo to the airport, hating the fact i was not ready to leave yet. Theypressured me to go otherwise i will be late for the flight, and oh boywas I so pissed off lol then i asked them in my dream what is the date,they told me it's the 15th of Sept. That's not my booked date totravel!!! Waking up half upset and half sleepy, hearing the rainoutside, just wanted to stay in bed. It's both good and bad livingwhere u work. Don't have to deal with the commuting but can't call insick much lol

Read an article about "There're only 5 ways to get what you want from others and most have forgotten the first"
It's so true.

1) No one will know to care what you want unless you tell them, and not just tell them 1 time but many times lol
2) Of course you have to give them what they want in exchange for whatyou want. Nothing is for free. Free stuff is not that good right?that's human mentality.
3) You definitely need to ASK and you might/might not receive it ;). Ido believe anything in this world is NEGOTIABLE, so is your want. Beinga business man/woman i don't think you would have this problem right?
4) Threat: yup using all techniques you got to get what you want right? lol the question is how bad do u want it?
5) Lie and deceit: last choice, what worst can you get beside not getting what you want? come on lol

Talking to my friend Kelly about her "love" phobia, her defense was notthat i don't want to love anyone, it's more like can't find the rightone to love. My question for her is "did you try hard enough? or didyou really gave that person a chance? Getting to know one person is ahard task.

I asked BB once, how do you know? his question was as simple as "I just know at the first moment". Frighten right? damn right 🙂

Patient and consistency also help to get what you want too. So don't give up!

Have a good one out there.

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