Posted: September 11, 2009 in Uncategorized

Yes it's Friday without rain and I'm writing about "enduring"

In the process searching for a good English name for one of my potential sales associate, came across one of the masculine name has "enduring" as its meaning. In case if you wonder, in Vietnamese we might have names with the same meaning like "Kie^n" or "Nha^~n"

"Nha^~n" also means ring (like jewels) which you put on your wedding finger when you marry someone. We also call it the "suffering" 😉

Read in some philosophy books about in the old days we, the Vietnamese lived our lives based on the word "Nha^~n". Maybe we got it from the Chinese. I wonder if it's Confucian?  or more Taoism? Daoism? Enduring is taught at the early age and differently. I believe it's good to teach kids to endure it, don't complaint, don't give up, take it like a man… etc, etc..

What do we teach kids nowadays? What kind of philosophy? Do they even have a choice to pick what to read or to believe? Or using weakening family tradition holding on and grow up with it? Or just a simple "You work hard and you will get ahead some days?" or not even hear that from our own parents? If the kid falls, are u going to pick him up and hold him still? wipe his tears, take him in the house, won't let him out of your sight?

Stop it! Stop doing that. Let them be, let them stand up and wipe their own tears, let them learn how to not falling again.

Enduring builds characters right? 😉 Have a good one out there.


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