Posted: September 16, 2009 in Uncategorized

Did we take planning to another level?

Talked to a friend from college recently. She has been with her boyfriend for a while, and they haven't got married yet, and of course the question to start conversation always is "When are you guys getting married?" I think she got sick hearing that from everyone especially her family. I bet she was doing alot of planning in her head about her wedding which will come some days sooner?

Mel is getting married this coming Oct after hearing that question constantly from her mom, and I know most of my unmarried friends have to hear that from the parents all the time. Ali Kim is getting the 20th of this month too. I got about 4-5 wedding to go from now until Nov.

I'm not too keen about wedding, and yes i do pick and choose whose wedding I will attend or not. So don't be surprised if I don't come to your wedding lol. Going of the topic doesn't help finishing this blog. Back to planning

To the married people: "How long did it take you to plan for your wedding?"

In our family we have 4 weddings, and it took at least 1 year planning for each. I found out that people in VN who wants to get married, it could be planned and done in 1 month. Instead of getting the wedding invitation 1 month ahead, we will get it within 1 week and show up lol.

The wedding preparation here is much different than back home, did we plan differently? or because our demands/expectations are different from each other? Or just simple as there is a short cut in planning here? πŸ˜‰

Yahoo 360 didn't save my original long version of this blog, so now i have to complete it here to move on to the next otherwise this would be another uncompleted one πŸ˜‰


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