Helping hand

Posted: October 13, 2009 in Uncategorized

Today, sitting at Planet Coffee working through the gloomy day. Enjoy the slow day with free wifi, fresh strawberry juice. Thought of ending the day with reading some great articles on CNN about Drew Carey giving money for a good cause $1 for each followers on twitters. A nice looking Vietnamese man walked in the coffee with a wandering eyes, maybe familiar but not really, starting to look to my way. Without saying hello, he asked to borrow money like $1. I grabbed my bag to check then realized that I used my cash to buy the juice not having any chance. I told him “sorry i don’t have a dollar” He asked again: “2 dollars would be good too” 🙂 Some how he thought i don’t have $1 but will have $2? Dumping my bag, showing him that i only have coins, he took my coins selecting the quarters, nickles and dimes but left me with pennies. I don’t remember that he did say “thank you” or not. It wasn’t important.

Leaving me with thoughts:

Did I just lend him a helping hand?

Why a man like that doesn’t even have $1 or $2 on him for taking bus?

Did this economy turn him into jobless begging for money?

Yes worse thought like: “Did i just hand out money to ppl who doesn’t care much about finding any job at this situation?”

What’s happen to “not thinking much about giving out money to anyone who needs it or not”

Did I loose faith in people? Did I loose faith in myself?

Hope i did the right thing by extending the helping hand when it’s needed.


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