Twitter, the new playground

Posted: November 5, 2009 in Uncategorized
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Yes i got a new playground, Twitter that is.

Coming into the new play ground with no game plan, no coach, and of course not prepared to play at all. Within the 2 last months, I learned about it bit by bit, and it’s not easy. Thought selling IT service is hard not be able to grab on socia media with advance tools coming out daily and news unloads to your desktop within seconds not minutes.

You might ask me if I learn the basic tools to handle or play catching up with the players in this playground? The obvious answer would be “NO”. Following the top social media experts like Mashable, GuyKawasaki to Jason Pollock to Techxav (15 years old bloggers) who have so much more about social media to teach me.

I have about at least 20-30 articles to read to know more about this playground and how to stay in the game without getting a red card kicking out, or being stuck sitting at the bench for a long time. Another not easy task i need to conquer is learn how to use the new advance tools making social media works.

Wish me luck would you? Thanks for being there like always 😉


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