Overloaded with social media

Posted: January 19, 2010 in Uncategorized

Every morning this thing i would do is jumping on my tweetdeck page to read about latest news ppl twitted about, but now I used Seesmic Desktop. Yes it seemed like a routine, scary you might say, but it’s true. There is a sea of knowledge and way too much info for any individual can absorbed at once, and obviously not me either.

Objective Marketer, Twitterfeed, smartbrief, googlewave, tweetdeck, twitterific etc etc…. Thanks to a friend DD to remind how much time I need to allocate for research, read and learn from this field. It’s a whole new world out there behind our laptop, reaching out to others desperately you might think?

Looking for a job, new clients or a life partner with internet is not bizarre to us anymore, and of course same goes with using social media to do with your next job or next clients but what’s next? using social media to find a life partner? what do you think 😉

First post for 2010 but was incomplete post of 2009….


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