Where to start?

Posted: September 29, 2010 in Uncategorized

I know that I haven’t written a blog for a while, now coming back here to check. Wow just realized that the last blog was last Sept 2009. One year with many ups and downs, happiness and sadness, survived or lived? Not sure

Can’t say that i accomplish much, but here are some for the list

1) Helping Hand Saigon, its organization and activities

2) Got bigger circle of friends from English Club, charities and business

3) More than 2 years living in Vietnam, and haven’t wanted to move back to US yet

4) Almost 1 year, I haven’t seen my family

5) Dealt with layoff, restructuring and adapting

1 note on personal,

– Growing older, and be wiser, already passed that 35 years, you might agree with me right? 🙂

Have been telling my friend S, about needing to start writing my blog again. So many stuff i want to share with my fellow ppl, but didn’t know where to start

Left for 1 whole year, not sure what I should write first.

Let me start by telling you this story huh?

This afternoon came back from Binh Tan district, visiting Binh An Temple, where they have about 30 orphans and 70 elders taking care of. With HHSG, we want to lend a hand to help, preparing a event plan for GroupM to sponsor these places for the forgotten elders, who no one cares for.

M and I walked around the temple, meeting the childrens, and the elderly women. One pretty lady who lost one of her arms, came up and hugged us tightly. She asked us to guess how old she is? We didn’t dare to guess but she looks young with a beautiful smile on her face. Her brown were carefully tattooed showing her previous well-off comparing to the rest of women there. This makes me wondering about how she lost her arm. She told us she’s already in her 70s but looking like 50s, smiling brightly. She heard about M working in marketing industry and wanted to refer her some of her contacts to make more money. My thought you may ask? What’s happened to her? Why does she live here? She asked us to call her “grandma” since we are about her grandkids’ age. Why do her grandkids take care of her at this old age?

Binh An Temple has 70 elderly women, 30 orphans from months old to 15 years old to care for. One asked me about why don’t I have any children or why don’t I want any children? Simple answer i have for them “Why!”

More thoughts ran through my mind on the way back to this side of the town, would I still have a pretty smile on my face when i’m at her age? 70s? Where would I be? Will I still  be sane living the same environment?

Do I still want to dream or think about life “being like a box of chocolate or skittles”? Where do we start and end up at?

Wouldn’t you want to know?


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