Saigon 3 years & thoughts!

Posted: June 10, 2011 in Uncategorized

One of those Friday, all I need is write and write, or is it more type and type!

New goal for myself, starting to blog again. I seemed to forget that I actually like to write. Time flied quickly when you were busy. Since 2008, now it’s already second quarter of 2011 living in Saigon. My family and friends asked me to compare the life in Saigon with life in Los Angeles. I usually tell them it’s apple and orange, and there are good and bad from both. I miss my family and friends back home for sure. Yes I’m still calling US as home. The first year here, I thought I was living out the boxes, and eventually it gets better. It doesnt mean I miss my family and friends less. Adaption is the keyword here. I learnt to cope with the traffic, and the lifestyles, love the people and what I do everyday.

Mom called the other day and didn’t ask “When will you be home?” I think she also adapted that I now live in Saigon, a phone call around half of the globe away, and I would fly home if she needs me.

Some envied me living in Saigon, and some didn’t understand why. Some even asked why are you going back to Saigon, when thousand try to go oversea? So twisted most people would say.

Note to my real friends, who are envying my lifestyle: “The grass is always greener on the other side”. Thank you Vietnam, I learnt alot these 3 years, and still learning.

Until the next keystroke….


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