4square or not!

Posted: June 27, 2011 in Uncategorized

Yes, I admitted I have mixed feeling about 4square, I created an account with them since I dont remember, and didn’t really dig the idea of telling everyone where you went, and every check-in felt like reporting to your other half your schedule daily. Yeah thought of 4square will benefit someone who wants to stalk me! That would be a great tool for predator? lol

Asked a friend of mine who uses 4square regularly, why would he use it? He said “just for amusement”. I also asked if he cares about the badges, the answer was NO.

I did a google search about benefit of 4square, they mentioned about how it would benefit your business by feedback between business and consumers, but that’s more for B2C business, what about B2B business? As a business person, you don’t have that much time to return your friend’s phone call, have a drinks with friends, but you will take time out doing check in?

The question is: “Is it benefit you or your business or other people business?” and “is it worth it for you to take time out of your busy schedule to check in everywhere you go?”

Reading “3 benefits of using foursquare, 1 thing I want out of it” by Mike Walsh, it still didn’t convince me enough to spend more time on it.

Didn’t want to give up, so I read “6 benefits of Foursquare” and the only one I like is: VIRAL EFFECT. Yes it’s enough for me to put some time using it again soon! lol

Would it be good for your business? It depends, what kind of business are you in?

Viral effect: Isn’t social media all about?

Until next keystroke….





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