Is Twitter more for women?

Posted: July 7, 2011 in Social Media, twitter, Uncategorized
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So who do you think tweet more? Man or woman?

Shea Bennett’s article in Dec 2010 stating 8% of online American, more women tweet than men.  What about now? Beginning of July, 2011 I came across a post on Tweet Grader about 100 most  powerful women on Twitter, but couldn’t find any post about 100 most powerful men on Twitter? Amazing reading these ladies’s profile and what they do and where they are at along with  Twitter and other social media tools.  So much to learn, and of course one thing at a time! Get all of them done.

Despite the popular myth “Women talk more than men”, Richard Knox and Fiona Macrae’s articles stated: “Men talk just as much as women” supported by study found, and maybe we don’t talk much more than men, but we can be more expressive?  Twitter is so for us, women now, wouldn’t you agree ladies?

I’m just beginning, a little late but I will conquer all! I just have to be “louder” than before. Always be a true believer of “Communicate effectively!” even on Twitter.

Looking forward to “100 most powerful men on Twitter” soon. Gender Jabber: fight on!



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