What’s wrong with The Sinh Tourist’s service!

Posted: July 28, 2011 in Customer Service!
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I have been using The Sinh Tourist more than 5 times in Saigon. It used to be small, affordable and decent service tour company called Sinh cafe. It has quite a history since 1993 taking millions of tourists who came exploring this nice part of the world.

I’m glad to see the sinh cafe now has become as the Sinh Tourist, but my question for you is: “Shouldn’t your service be better since you are in the business so long?” or “Wouldn’t you want to keep a good reputation in this town, or as one of the main player in this tourism industry for the next 30 years at least?”

Through 3 years I have used your service, it got worse and worse everyday, don’t you guys know that? No one has told you that your service is getting bad? I don’t think i’m the only one.  Your management team decided not to do anything about bad service complaints from your previous customer?

Why I think your service is getting bad?

1) Your contracted buses are all old, much older than Phuong Trang and Mai Linh

2) Your bus driver and staff doesn’t even speak English, and foreigners are using your service more than local Vietnamese right?

3) What happened to the Sinh Tourist uniform? The staff on the bus don’t even wear a name tag of the company! Guess you don’t need more branding right?

4) Your office staff can’t even spell the name Robert correctly!

5) Your bus driver has a foul mouth, talked too much we can’t even catch a nap, since we sat right behind him.

6) Bus driver let another passenger or staff sitting next to him and talked loudly in Vietnamese, didn’t even care about what others think!

7) What’s happen to our wet towel? Don’t we get one anytime we used your service?

8) Your bus driver drove like a maniac, and the bus was shaking whole trip. Of course we were shaking too lol

Sitting on your bus I felt like I’m in the small local bus company running short trip between towns not city, not to tourist area, and for local Vietnamese only.

I hope lonely planet would prefer more foreigner tourists to use Phuong Trang or any other tour bus company instead of the Sinh Tourist.

I would choose other companies as well!

Until next keystroke!


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