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Posted: October 18, 2011 in Social Matters
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More than 3 1/2 year living in Asia, half of the world away from my family in California, social media, and online news are my channels connecting me with something I’m familiar with. Internet brings everyone on every part of the world closer right? Back in US, you would see pink in everything, everywhere and everyone talking about it, how come I don’t see that much pink around here? I want to dedicate this October blog to pink awareness of breast cancer, its effects and differences comparing to Vietnam!

October is definitely all about pink because it’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Of course it started by couple major players, but I love stating the fact it started by a cool lady named Evelyn Lauder Senior Corporate Vice President of the Estée Lauder Companies found Breast Cancer Research Foundation in 1993 and also established a pink ribbon as its symbol following Susan G. Komen Foundation in 1991 using it first at their race for breast cancer survivors.  I’m not going to go on about what is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, since you can read it here

The October Pink AwarenessBack home around this month, I would see all kind of things in pink from inbox email from women business networking group to billboard, ads on television, newspapers, magazines to even products’ pink influence supporting Breast Cancer Awareness.  Businesses and consumers both would take the advantage of this month to show how much we care!  The first blog I read started Oct was “10 things to know about breast cancer” by Karen Garloch even though there is no pink color on her blog 😉  Estée Lauder Companies was the first one to start this awareness  later joined by many companies, but also maintain being the leader in this by organizing Global Illumination lite more than dozen world-famous landmarks in pink raising awareness early diagnosis of breast cancer. That’s a powerful method of branding though a great cause huh?

I don’t see much pink in Saigon this month. Maybe this is why Saigon is not on the list of city having its world-famous landmark lite up in pink together with other parts of the world? I asked my interns about pink awareness and breast cancer month, they have no idea what it is about.  If you ask what is so special about this month, they will answer Vietnamese Woman Day! I wasn’t ware there is such day until recently.  The exact date is 20th of Oct. I wanted to buy some flower last week and found the price of flower went up about 150% due to this special day!  I saw the same thing happened on the 8th of March, International Women’s, and yes I have no idea about this day until I came back to Vietnam. Businesses here takes these days as opportunity for them to increase profit not much sales instead of branding.  I still don’t see much excitement celebrating Vietnamese Women’s Day here through ads, billboards, commercial etc etc. I wonder if there is special promotion for the ladies from local business? Another question for the men in Vietnam: What do you do for those ladies of your life on this special day?

Prostate Cancer
New cases: 240,890
Deaths: 33,720

Breast Cancer
New cases: 230,480 (female); 2,140 (male)
Deaths: 39,520 (female); 450 (male)

Source: American Cancer Society.

We probably think, only women should worry about breast cancer right? I hope those numbers will raise some awareness of the men. “Prevention is better than cure” by Desiderius Erasmus

Campaign “Wear It Pink” Day will happen on 28th of Oct in UK. I want to start the same campaign here in Saigon! Maybe starting out from my office first huh? Would you join me by wearing pink this coming 28th of Oct? I expect a yes from my friends lol

I’m looking forward to see Vietnam joining the rest of the world in Oct raising awareness about breast cancer, would love to see local businesses showing more their corporate social responsibility for a great cause as Estée Lauder did. Saigon should have a race for pink October along with Terry Fox … and Vincom lights up the whole building in pink during Oct to celebrate Pink Awareness and Vietnamese Women Day next year!

DON’T FORGET TO WEAR PINK ON OCT 28TH! Let’s start this campaign this year!

PS: don’t forget to send me your pictures wearing pink on 28th of Oct, I’ll post it on my blog!


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