Oh March!

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Oh how much I welcome you. You never bore me one bit and  always my favorite month of every year. With you, I’ll celebrate love, cherish life, proud to be woman, and of course spring!

I can feel all the love in the air during the whole month of March. My birthday (1st) starts out with birthday wishes from friends all over the place. Thanks to life I got family and friends everywhere and of course Facebook/Twitter for the great tools to keep spreading the love thousand miles with thoughts, smiles and hearts! My facebook got more than 200 birthday wishes from family and friends.  A friend gave birth to a baby boy on this same day, which made us sharing the same birthday next year! Middle of March, my little sister will celebrate her birthday, and end of the month so will my mom. As you see March can’t be boring for our family.

Last March I lost my grandma suddenly. I wasn’t home to see her the last time.  I made a promise to myself about more than 10 years ago that I have to meet and say goodbye to my loved one before travelling somewhere far.  On my trip to Australia in 2001 or 2003 I dont remember correctly, my very first long trip oversea, it was really bad weather, and I thought our plane was going down.  I was mad of myself more than anything. I didn’t see my parents before I left.  The thought of leaving them without saying goodbye broke my heart. Luckily turbulence  went away, and I survived that feeling.  I have my mom to thank for, during my trip visiting home 1 month is not enough. I was so buy with catching up with life in US, friends, and work and almost left without seeing my grandma. My mom called and literately made me on the last day before heading to the airport, driving down to Lake Forest. My first reaction was: “No mom, I dont have enough time. I have to go to the airport tomorrow”. As soon I finished that sentence I can feel a guilt trip coming for the other end of the phone. What did my mom say next? You may ask. She said: “You will regret if you don’t take time to see her this time. She’s in her 70s, and we never know!” That was it. With less than 4 hours to the airport, I was heading there to see my grandma. I couldn’t make home that following year, and was planning to come visit home and everyone in end of March. Grandma left at mid of March. She said goodbye to me in my dream! Thanks grandma and mom, in March I CHERISH life!

Nothing is special about 8th of March, not in US! In Vietnam it is, and maybe other part of the world they all celebrate the Women’s Day and us feeling proud to be one! 3 weeks after Vaelntine’s Day, here we see all the shops, stores and  people in the corner of streets selling flowers in a nice big beautiful bouquets, some in small bouquets with pretty wrapping paper with sparkling glitters, soft color bows and simple tags saying “Happy Women’s Day”. Sometimes I wonder why March is the women’s month? Back in 1909 Women’s day was celebrating in Feb or end of Feb, somehow 8 years later 1917 on Gregorian calendar it changed to 8th of March. I dont even know what Gregorian calendar is lol. It might start with Europe, Russia, US then China started giving the women a half-day off on this day. Just found out that on 8th of March 2011 with more than 100 countries commemorated its 100th anniversary. Also in US, our president Obama proclaimed March to “Women’s History Month”! How about that huh? We do have the whole month of March to celebrate who we are.

Until March, then I can feel spring. Yes we have Tet here, it’s the first sign of Spring, but it can’t replace nice breeze, and soft felt of the sunshine touching your skin celebrating new day of March. I love March because of spring, my favorite California season even though we seem to have more spring than anywhere else of US.

Love, Life, Women and Spring! What else can one ask from March! That’s how I felt! Imagine if you have to, hope you will love March as much as I do! Not even mention about beer, little three-leaved plant, and Saint Patrick’s day 😉

Until the next keystroke……..

  1. nganhuynh says:

    I hate the feeling of regret. Like your post!

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