Raining days looking forward summer!

Posted: December 13, 2013 in Uncategorized

Yes you’re right.

I’m blaming the raining day because it makes me wanting to writing something. I haven’t done this often and it seems like at least couple years. This corner got all covered by spider webs, and so gloomy with nothing excited over here worth to mention at all.

Woke up at 5-6am, not have been sleeping well at all, and raining day like this other people would love to stay in bed and cuddle or bury themselves under the blankets. I was holding my can’t-live-without cellphone to read either facebook status or news, or any good holiday deals online. Not sure since when we or I specifically got so hooked with either cellphone or tablet? Got no answer for that, don’t try to ask me that again, you might get a beaten up and dont even ask me why 🙂 (Just dont like not having answer sometimes ha ha) 

I hardly touch my laptop, either lazy or just stress out every time it seems like if I opened my laptop I will sit and star at it at least 5-6 hours non stop until I get this major headache or can’t sit crooked any longer without a proper desk.

It’s been a bit over 6 months in a new city with one good friend and no family around. This is pretty new set up for me. Dont get me wrong, I love new changes. I embrace challenges and actually fell in love with this city long time ago, and did promise that If I’ve ever moved out of California this would be where I want to be. Guess what I’m here and Im staying for a while. Maybe I will have another note dedicating to this beloved City later on.

With Adele singing in the background, the rain just makes thing slowing down, its not like life is going fast here, where it has both sides of new, hip and excited city and a bit of mellow countryside with hilly streets full of fall leaves, surrounding with green trees and of course crazy drivers speeding to get somewhere without realizing that they got nowhere with crowding highway and overgrowing population way too quick for the city planning to build more roads.

Raining day does make me rambling endlessly with words with no specific reasons or motives. Sometimes it feels like you just want to say something, and also know none of those saying making any senses lol

I miss the blue sky with no white clouds, cool breeze and sun rays piecing through leaves and trees. It rains so the wandering deers must be hiding somewhere leaving the wet, green grass waiting for their little foot prints coming by for their daily fresh meals.

Life is full of surprises I can tell you that. Ask me about all these about 6 months ago, I couldn’t tell you these are what I am experiencing almost everyday now and loving all of it.

I love the nice sunny days, the gloomy raining days, even start loving the cold freezing days came anytime.

I love walking with Nikki in the rain or a windy day….Finally bought a big umbrella since the rain here is different like the one I used to in Saigon.

I learned to love my fireplace, sleeping with the heater on like I have to deal with sleeping with the fan on in Saigon.

I guess we just have to love what we have and been given to.

Time for a walk with the furry one…

Got to catch up with my writing right? See you next time!

Love life wherever you are! Got to love the rainy day so we can appreciate the sunny day more ❤

*Photo courtesy from Digital Photo School somewhere 🙂Image 


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