7 years catching up with Len Duong camp!

Posted: June 5, 2014 in Uncategorized

It has been a while to have my Memorial weekend all booked up. Brought back memory of telling my family and friends i wont be able to join them if its on that weekend. 4 days thing is dedicated for this team and its great cause. It took me back 10 years ago, my first camp, and at the camp I gained a reason to volunteer along with a bunch of new friends. Some of those friends turn into 10 years friendship. Thought of them while I was at camp, and whispering to myself “aren’t I glad that I’m back to this? Appreciating the friendships I got out of this!”

Things I gathered and thankful for this Len Duong camp
– Appreciating my 10 years friendship from the first 2004 camp
– Grateful for being part of this great group of people and what they have been doing
– Recharging and motivating me to get back to volunteering and get in my community
– Surrounding me with great energy of this amazing team
– New friendships which I need to connect and nurture
– I want to do more and be more involved…
– Wanting to be a mentor to this younger group
– Loving life an people Im with…many more

Definitely back again for next year for another recharging session!

Signed with my undying love for Len Duong camp and the people behind this great mission!



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