1 Year!

Posted: August 2, 2014 in Uncategorized
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They said first year is always bad. I expected, projected, and waited for it. One year had passed, with many major changes in life, many new experience and the challenges while going through changes.


What are the changes you may ask, and here is the list

1) Moving back to California was great, got to live closer to family and saw and talked my parents often than the last 5 years.

2) Shared a room at my college roommate’s house and her three kids along with a very picky babysitter. That was a mixed old and new experience while realizing life didn’t stand by us, but took us for a twisted with dealing both kids and elderly. Of course the kids were much easier than the babysitter lol Amazing to see your college friend with her 3 beautiful children and hear their daily conversation about anything and everything.  It’s always the adorable but handful kids make it easier than the adults

3) GOT MARRIED! Yes i’m surprised too, didn’t plan it, didn’t want it, avoided it for the longest time.

He said: “it took me 5 1/2 years to marry him”

I asked “Were you counting?”

He said “I didn’t have, already knew”

Informed my parents long time ago, not expect me getting married and have kids like other people’s children. It was not on my list at all and didn’t want to put it on for anyone if I didn’t have a good reason to it. I acknowledged that I dislike the idea of getting married but didn’t know its a PHOBIA: lost of sleep, hard to breath, headache, restless and the above.

2 months, yes it took me 2 months dealing with my phobia to sit down, crack my brain to really give it a thought, search for reasons beside loving him and wanting to be with him versus loving and being with him the rest of my life. Now that would be a scary part wont you say? Most of our friends and family would say, what’s the different you guys already liked other marriage couples. I would answer “That’s what would I say, why would anyone want to go through this complicated and troublesome process to get just a piece of paper saying that we are bind to be together” and not even dare to mention the word “FOREVER” … many sleepless nights and trouble days, we DID it in Vegas baby. I’m telling you I’m so glad its over and we only had to do it once in our life. I still don’t understand why people feels like they HAVE to do it or even do it again and again.

4) Community volunteering projects I did
– Operation Turkey, witnessed a lot of turkeys got smoked, checked temperature, moved around, packed and transported to storage and bikini girls serving beers in 20s degrees weather lol.
– Saheli Language Advocate and outreach, trained in Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault
– Pink Bus Prevention Examination: breast cancer and other…
– Len Duong Youth Leadership Camp after 5 years being away. It was a treat and motivation to get back and do more
-A.S.I.A Foundation: working with PR Marketing team building new website and brochure
5) Most important: reconnect with old good friends, and making a bunch of young, new and energetic friends.

It was a great year. Counting my blessing daily for these gifts!

  1. Congrats chi Jodie oi! A great year you’ve had! Congrats on the marriage though that surprised the hell out of me ;-P. Count me in the group of ladies who don’t believe in marriage so “good news” from me won’t ever include a wedding notification hehe. Hugs from the grumbling city of Hanoi! 🙂

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